New Life~

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Hi Everyone,

I'm so excited that there is a message board for Copts online. I was baptized Coptic, however raised Catholic. I'm starting my life over and I have tons of questions!

I made my debut in another board but I guess I should keep it short  here. I grew up in Staten Island, NY, was living in Sunnyside, Queens for a few years. I'm now in grad school in Chicago, finishing up my first year.

I've made some mistakes and I'm looking to start my life over.

I pray for strength and guidance.




  • welcome!
    we all made loads of mistakes too, we can learn together
  • WELCOME! It's nice to meet you!!

    i live in illinois what church do you go to ?

    God bless you and guard you

  • WELCOME!!!
  • Thank you so much for the well wishes!

    I live in Evanston, I go to St. Mary's right now (Catholic) as it's nearby, so I'm looking for a Coptic church to attend.

    My intership will be in Detroit for the summer, so any suggestions are welcome! I start mid-June.
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