The Poor

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Christ is Risen

I guess it matters where you are as to who the poor are. In a developed society we see shabby people, tired out, travelling by public transport; beggars; people who sleep rough and some elderly people who maybe didn't have a large enough pension. Then there are massive disasters abroad.

The Saints and Our Saviour favoured the poor and we must too. But where are they so that I can help directly (rather than, say, give them something indirectly as to a charity)? What, I am asking, is the definition of poverty? Who would Our Lord be referring to-to the general populace living from hand to mouth or what?

St John Chrysostom said that if a man asks for a handout on horseback we must comply. So is poverty sometimes not obvious to us? Do we need to seek it out?

Love to hear from you

In Christ


  • I would prefer to Go and Give the poor person what he needs...rather than to give charity.
    I find i that its a lazy way to help the poor...Its better to construct the smile on their face
    by yourself by handing them a peice of fruit, money or even helping them in something.

    God bless :)
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