Wedding Question

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Greetings everyone, I have a quick question. I know the rites of the wedding say that we begin the wedding procession into the church by singing Epouro, however, since we are in the season of the Resurrection, would we then substitute Epouro with Ekhristos Anesti?

When Anba Botros came to our church a week ago, we began singing Epouro but Abouna stopped us and began singing Ekhristos Anesti, so I'm not sure if that is the proper thing to do. There's a wedding this Saturday, so if someone could please inform me so we can make preparations, I'd appreciate it! Also, if there is anything else that would be changed due to this season, please also inform me, thanks.


  • You should always listen to abouna :)

    Resurrection hymns are to be sung during processions in the holy 50 days. In this case, Khristous Anesti would be sung in the procession with the bride and groom.
  • That is correct, during the holy fifty days, most of the hymns are substituted with resurrection hymns
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