AghapyTV on DishNetwork

Aghapy TV is now available on Dish Network in North America on channel 775 for $4.99. However in order to add this channel you need to sign up for an Arabic package and the cheapest is $27.99.

I encourage anyone who is interested in adding AghapyTV but not the other Arabic channels to complain to Dish Network and hopefully they will change this requirement.

You can e-mail your complaint to: [email protected]

Below is a copy of a complaint that I sent:

I tried to call and add the AghapyTV channel for $4.99 however I was told that I need to add a $27.99 arabic plan in addition just to have this one channel. I object to this arrangement on the following grounds:

- I object to the content on the other arabic channels included in the Arabic packages due to fundamentalist religious teachings.
- It does not make financial sense for me to pay $27.99 + $4.99 just to get the one channel I am interested in.

Please escalate this to the person in charge of programming. I know of thousands more people interested in adding this channel but will not do so because of this limitation. If you wish, I can start gathering a list of names for a petition.


  • Perhaps in your case you might consider getting the special dish already available because you will get Aghapy and CTV (which I like better in many instances). True, you'd have to pay like  $200 set up fee, but then I believe you don't have to pay anything anymore and get both channels plus other ones (like El Karma that Abouna Zakaria Botros goes on, and El Jazeera in English and other channels).

    Just a thought because CTV is very nice as well.
  • Already have the FTA dish installed. Aghapy is scheduled to stop broadcasting on FTA Satellite soon and be available on DishNetwork only.
  • :o No way, really!? That's awful. I haven't heard that. Why would they do that though?

    Actually, I just saw the same message on the website of the Archdiocese (

    I still think that's kind of unreasonable.
  • Here is an advice for anyone that has dishnetwork, if you have the arabic package and want to add aghapy, call them and say that you cannot afford the dish anymore and you want to cancel (assuming you dont have a contract) and insist that you want to cancel because you are paying too much. First they will give you like  $5 or $10 discount for a year, but dont go for it, ask them for a higher discount or to speak to an account specialist and ask them for the lowest price or else you will cancel and once they give you the lowest price, tell them to add the aghapy channel to your package for free.
    I know this forum is for church related topics, but I wanted to share what you can do to save money on the christian channels (thats what I did)
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