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Hey all, its definitely that time of year again where all of us will be going through exams. Lets all remember those who are taking tests soon and wish them the best and Gods will in their lives. If you can remember me too that would be great!

God Bless and Pray for me and my weakness


  • May God be with all those poor students who won't be seeing daylight again for a while... lol

    May He forgive us for all the time we've waisted and bless the time we have left in order for us to succeed for the glory of His name...

  • Good Luck u guys and dont forget.......

    Do ur part and do ur best, and God will do the rest!!!

  • hey guys i would just like u to keep me in ur prayers as I have exams this week as well... as well as the ACT on saturday.
    thank you and God bless
  • jydeacon you are a very nice person

    please pray for me. I have been frustrated with my work.. and am losing focus. I keep letting my mind stray. I take too many breaks. Its just that I have various doubts. Sometimes I doubt the exam will be easy.. that God will make it easy since I haven't been always working (Id rather not say lazy because its that damn serpents fault lol guess I may not be able to blame him completely or at all).. at other times I think it will be easy and there is much time. And so I waste it.

    Pray for me to have wisdom and patience

    And God bless you

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