arabic to english translation??

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Hi everyone  ;D there is a taraneem that I heard on CTV that I really liked, but don't fully understand
the name is هرمي كل اتكالي عليك and the song is here

If anyone has a translation or could translate this that would great!  :)

thank you and God bless


  • I can try to translate it, but I probably won't get that to you for another day or so ;)
  • Here is the translation......I tried to do the best I could, I apologize if there are any mistakes.

    Please pray for my weakness

    God Bless!

    I will give all my cares to you
    And on your word I will throw my net
    All my life is in your hands
    Who else’s hand gives the blessing?
    1. I surrendered all my life
    And I always say “Your will be done”
    Because even with my sinning heart,
    I experienced your compassion and have known you


    2. All my certainty is that you’re with me
    Trusting in what you choose for me
    Because in my weakness, You’re my protection
    And the way of goodness You draw for me


    3. My heart screams and calls
    for You to accept to enter  my home
    And if I sold you in the past,
    You bless my coming years

  • Thank you SOOOOOOO much omelnour ;D

    i really appreciate it!

    GBU & pray 4 me
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