Pulling the Plug

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Hey everyone,

I wanted to make a poll but unfortunately it is not working.

So, in your opinion, is pulling the plug on a person okay if they wish to be taken off life support? Your three choices are yes, no, or undecided. Vote ASAP to help me with a class speech.



  • No because that person in a form is commiting suicide. Here's what's wrong with pulling the plug. One, it's another form of suicide and in our church suicide is wrong because it is not up to us when our life should end but up to God. Two, the person is just running around from the sickness just because they're tired of being sick, it's like the parable of the sower and the places were the seeds fell. Some seeds represented people who heard the word of God and then tribulation comes into their life and they lose their hope or faith.

    Pray for me, Good luck on your speech
  • Hey PopeKyrillos.
        Personally I say it's not okay.

    Here is an article that might help titled:
    "Brain Death" is Life, Not Death: Neurologists, Philosophers, Neonatologists, Jurists, and Bioethicists Unanimous at Conference

    In Christ
  • ohh!! we asked Anba Youssef this on our last retreat.. I just don't have time to type up the response.. give me time :)
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