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Here is the deal...

first of all:
Kol sana we into tayebeen lel siam. ;D

Now here's my situation

I'm at school with my buddies and every single day I see people in the cafeteria buy Fitari food whether Chinese food or pizza or chicken and so forth. I really have a HUGE craving for it and I really want to stop noticing this food. Another factor is when I bring my lunch to school and finish it I'm still hungry and I find myself peeking at the Fitari food and I get more hungry. Should I pray? Should I leave? Should I turn my face away?  >:(WHAT DO I DO TO STOP LOOKING?!?! >:(

Please Please Please pray for me.
Thank you all.


  • When I was at work I also found it hard during the lunchtimes, and even in the morning, because we had a shop in the complex where I worked that sold everything except fasting food, and it was so convenient.

    I found that if I went to the shop I would end up buying some junk food because it was there and I was hungry. So if I didn't take any cash to work then I couldn't go to the shop. And then at lunchtime I found that if I went for a walk and prayed the Sixth Hour it also took my mind off eating.

    So I guess what I am saying is that I did need to be doing something else around the times I felt particularly hungry. Maybe you do need to eat your lunch and then go out and do something else. The Sixth Hour doesn't take long to pray and is a good habit. But if you sit with other people who are eating then it is putting temptation and stress in your way. Don't forget to offer your hunger to the Lord as part of your worship, and indeed the struggles you are facing. And in offering them to him ask that he give you the grace you need to persevere to his glory.

    God bless you

    Father Peter
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