Abouna Matthias

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Hello everyone,

I currently have CTV in my house, and they brought forth a movie on TV about a coptic saint that i never heard of before,  I have been looking rigorously online and can't find any information on him, I even looked in the online synaxarium.  His name was Abouna Matthias, he was the abbot  of a monastery, he performed many miracle.  I believe he tried to become a monk at the age of 10. His story touched me, I'm just trying to find more information about his life.  And if anyone can show me a place where i can buy his movie or watch it again, i would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks to all

Peace and Love


  • Ah I saw the movie too! Nice movie, I also would like to know more about him :)
  • I'm actually very happy that i found the movie at my church bookstore, i didn't think twice about picking it up.  I have to say its one of the best Coptic movies i have seen to date.  It's St. Mettaoss Al Fakhory btw.

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