Please Pray for her

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Hi everyone
i just wanted to ask you to pray for my friend,
she's been in the hospital for a while for a heart problem and she finds out tuesday the extent of her condition - whether she needs heart surgery.the doctors are almost positive that she is going to need surgery  :( but i know the Lord, nothing is impossible. She is sorta scared, and only 15 years old!Shes also the kindest, sweetest girl in the church.
Please pray for her health!
thankyou, god bless


  • May God's will be done...

    and me He strengthen her with the prayers of St Mary, Pope Kyrillos VI, MarMina and the archangel Michael

    God bless
  • we are praying that God will give her and her family the strength and support they need in this difficult trial. may they also be a channel for God's love.
  • Thankyou guys so much for praying for her,
    she made it out of the hospital and no longer needs surgery!
    God bless you!
  • thank God!
    He knows what we need even before we ask him  :)
  • ur friend is in my prayers!!!
  • God bless you and your friend.
  • I love jesus :)..thank god she made it without any operations
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