St Mary !!! relation to David

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hi Guy and Girls,
just want to find out how is St Mary is related to David, is it any where in the bible?


  • matthew chapter 1
  • sorry, in Mathew it say that Joseph is the son of David, not Mary.
  • There doesn't seem to be the same genealogical listings as there is for Joseph, but marriage between tribes was not permitted, and therefore we can assume she was of the same ultimate genealogy as Joseph. Also all of the prophecies point to Jesus being the son of David, and likewise the statements of all those in the Gospels who cry out 'Son of David'.

    Certainly the Gospel authors were convinced that Jesus was the Son of David as far as was required.

    If you google you will see a variety of arguments seeking to prove the genealogy from David through Mary, but for me it is enough to consider that the Virgin Mary was of the same tribe as Joseph and that the Gospels teach us that Christ was of David.

    in Christ

  • Mother Mary and ST. Joseph are both descendants of King David. Since Jesus did not have a man as a father, but was concieved by the power of God, and having taken flesh from Mother Mary, He also is descendant of King David, since his mother is also from the line of David. That is why he is called the son of David, because he  descended from him through his Mother and not through St. Joseph
  • I have heard that Mary and Joseph had the same great grandfather who is Eleazar. Joseph was the son of Jacob, who was the son of Matthan, who was the son of Eleazar. Mary was the daughter of Iyachwm, who was the son of Kesra, who was the son of Eleazar. Hope I spell the names right and hope someone will check this because I am not sure.
    In my search for an answer to this question I run into another question. There is a difference in the genealogy of Jesus accounted in Matthew and Luke. Some say the genealogy in Luke is that through St. Mary, while the genealogy in Matthew is that through St. Joseph. However the assumed genealogy of Mary in the Gospel of St. Luke is different from the one above. Hope someone will post a better explanation because I am confusing myself, lol  ::)!!!
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  • The Orthodox Study Bible says in its commentary (Page 1369) of Luke 3:23-28:

      "The genealogy follows Jospeh's ancestry, even though Jesus was only supposed to be the son of Joseph but was in fact humanly descended from Mary only. This is explained in two complementary ways:
    1) Joseph was a righteous man and would have married within his tribe- thus Mary and Joseph would have largely shared a common lineage; 2) Jesus was born to bring all mankind into adoption by the Father, and thus He affirms that a lineage of adoption is as binding and receives the same inheritance as a lineage of blood (Galatians 4:4-7)." 

      So Sts. Mary and Joseph are of the same tribe of David and Joseph adopted the Lord Jesus which was as binding as a natural or biological first-born with full inheritance rights. Hope this was useful ;D! 
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