Please help me!

Hello brothers and sisters,
I posted in the "prayer requests" forum a few weeks ago, so as some of you may know I recently had an emergency surgery. I have been recovering well, but last night I was rushed to hospital again for something else.
I am feeling better now, but my family and our priest told me that this might be "roh marad" or something done on my by "sehr". This doesn't surprise me because we have an idea who may have done this.

I know I should not be scared but I am a little worried. Can anybody give me some special prayers that help protection and getting rid of this, or do I just go about praying on my own like I always do?

What I've been doing so far is: Anointing myself with holy oil, adding some holy water into my water bottle, reading psalms.

Thank you all so much.


  • Sorry I don't know what roh marad or sehr is, even though my parents use it on quite a frequent basis, so I can't address that, but you'll be in my prayers. What I'd suggest is praying the agpeya hours, whenever you have the time. Usually in the back of the agpeyas, there are additional prayers you can say during certain situations (confession, communion, etc), check to see if there is one concerning sickness. Have your priest perform the Unction of the Sick if/whenever possible. I couldn't find a Coptic prayer but heres one from the Eastern Orthodox Churches: O Lord Jesus, Physician of souls and bodies, may Thy presence ever be with me to hallow and bless this my sickness to Thy praise and glory, and to the salvation of my soul. Forgive me all my many sins and want of love for Thee. May I ever fix my thoughts upon Thy great sufferings upon the Cross, that I may learn from Thee courage and patience, humility and love; and above all, true submission to the Father's will, that, being restored to health in Thine own good time I may show forth Thy praise by giving up myself to Thy service. And grant that when this life is ended, I may be found worthy through my merits to inherit eternal life. Amen.
  • Thank you so much. I will keep this one with me, and check my agbeya :)
  • Read the psalms, they say the Devil of devils Satan himself can not touch you, and as long as you are reading them  no one on earth or under the earth will come near you. Read the psalms 24/7 non stop. memorize as many as you can and recite them under your breath constantly and never ever let go of your agpeya, it is the easiest source for psalms.
  • i just posted on spiritual warfare in the discussion on martial arts, here is a quote from it that i hope will help u;

    I think st antony fought in the manner of ephesians 6,
    using the 'armour' of God, i.e. those things that our life needs to be full of when we are close to God, like truth, righteousness, salvation (being grateful and realising that we are saved by faith through God's grace and then also living for God), faith, the word of God (read it, memorize it, live it) and the readiness to spread the gospel wherever we are called.
    'take courage, for you have not yet resisted sin to the point of shedding blood' the book of hebrews tells us that we do have to resist temptation, but that we will never be under the stress Jesus was under when he chose to make the ultimate, most painful sacrifice ever known.
    remember, nothing, nothing can ever separate u from God's love.
    i will pray 4 u, may God protect u.
  • May God and all the saints help you, and their prayers be said on your behalf. All the praying that your doing is good and helpful; any prayer is good as all the suggested ones to you. I have seen serious cases in africa and seen how they expell the source of the curser and the curse, I myself do not no the severity of the degree of your situation but believe the priest is the one responsible for your healing at your case for they have power over these things. If it becomes difficult matter for them I would recommend  you to go to monesary , For have seen with my own eyes the power of God at work their . May God the Father the ever loving heal you as he is able pray for me
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