Hi guys,

Please remember Sydney in your prayers, we're going through a very turbulent time. I don't want to go into great detail now because I don't know how much of the matter is private, but suffice it to say that lots of people are very upset . Please pray that everybody will be able to work together to achieve what is best for the Church.

Thanks in advance for your GREATLY appreciated prayers,

God bless you all  ;D


  • in melbourne we ahd worse problems and God solved is normal to have problems....ill pray nonetheless
  • Rabbena ye7afez 3ala kanisato...
    May God protect His Church...

  • May God be with the Diocese of Sydney. I could not figure out how to post a new topic, so I thought my post would be appropriate here. Please, Moderators direct me accordingly.

    Christ is Risen!

    My question is directed to those on these forums who are of the Diocese of Sydney. I was wondering if anyone could give me the contact information and email of Father Thomas Kanazaki. I am wondering how many missionary trips does the Diocese take to Japan, how many visits take place, and if Fr. Thomas is open for visitors to come and serve with him in missionary work. I would love to hear back from you Sydney peeps, and would love to get his email.

    Indeed, He is Risen!!
  • I have MANY relatives in Australia--but I haven't heard of any problems. I hope thay aren't going through troubles and not telling us...

    May God Be With Them
    We all need prayers
    May the prayers of all the Saints be with them

    Just trust in Baba Kyrillos and habeeboo MeriMina along with MeriGerges and Abouna Bishoy Demetrious

    Please pray for me

  • Father Thomas Kanazaki : 81-803-036-0333
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