my 2 friends were going to drink liqar

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but then jesus appered to them inside the bottle in black and everytime they talked about liqar the light would go out in the basement im amazed what could this be any adivce cause i know im not suppose to say this but i was confessing to abouna about drinking recently and he was telling me about liqar can anyone help im amazied idk what to say


  • From time to time, we get these subtle reminders in various forms, when we take up a questionable activity. Its our conscience (a God-given gift) warning us to make a right choice when faced with temptation. It is comes sometimes as a gut feeling urging you against it, sometimes an unexpected hurdle, sometimes in the form of embarrassment or guilt when we forcibly go ahead with it, despite knowing it is wrong. Scripture clearly tells us that its unacceptable to do something, knowing very well that it is wrong.

    Many times, we override this conscience for a few moments of pleasure. And many times we excuse ourselves that we are human after all and prone to sin. But it is really bad to do something, fully knowing that it is wrong. Sorry, if I sound like a preacher, but I have my own private struggles from time to time - all because of the urge to satisfy some desire. At such times, it may help to ask:
    1. Does this activity bring glory to God?
    2. Does it cause my brother or sister to stumble in their faith?
    3. Does it bring any real long term gain other than a few minutes of pleasure?

    God bless,
  • I wouldn't say drinking alcohol in itself is a sin that one should feel guilty about...
    It's just like so many other things: as long as it is done with moderation and a sense of responsibility then there's nothing wrong with it...
    Everyone should know their limits, and if they can't take alcohol very well, or they can't stop drinking, then it's better not to start in the first place, for you can't put your hand in fire and expect it not to get burnt..

  • Is this a true story or just an example?  Cuz. That's iss sooo coo

  • it is a true story
  • woooow nice

  • I've been told exactly the same as whatGodisLove260 said. As long as you know ur limit, and u stay away from it ur fine. Some people i know have to drink a little every now and then for medical reasons.
  • God is wornning you guys not to do these sinful act which wiil be damiging to your lifes. You all should be thankful and glorify TheFather for the manifestation and the miracle. And please do not touch another bottle of liquer again ' liquer leds to sinful acts people later whish the have not done. And after these manifestation if you conyinue in that behaviour of disobiedant God will take heavy judgment for you arragence, you are blessed and loved by God greatly, pray for me
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