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i have been going through a tough time. i know that everything God does he does for a reason. i think i am going through this tough time because of my sins. i keep commiting the same sin over and over again no matter how hard i try the devil overcomes. i try to stop, but its so hard. is this y im going through this hard time? how do i get through it? how do i stop this sin? please help me! God Bless


  • Prayer

    just pray when ever you feel like you want to do this sin..

    Try doing soemthing else

    keep yourself occupied

    Talk to your Foc

    read teh bible

    and mediate with the cross in your hand=]]

  • Dear friend,
            Most of us here have our own private struggles that we face - it could be anger, addictions, laziness, bad thoughts, etc... I still occasionally struggle with the urge to eat fried food or aimlessly browse the internet, often in excess. I discussed this issue with a few people I believe are spiritually more advanced than me - they suggested the following:

    1. Humbly take your problem to the Lord in prayer. Prayerfully, confess every thought, word or deed that conflicts with your relationship to the Lord.

    2. Make a confession to your spiritual father.

    3. Pray that the desire to sin and the opportunity to sin do not come at the same time.

    4. Identify the circumstances that cause you to let your guard down - is it when you are feeling upset or exhausted or is it when no body is around and you are bored. Try and do a personal audit at the end of each day, taking care to note what prompted you to make that choice, knowing it was wrong.

    5. If you don't already do so, please try and include reading the Bible & Agbeya as much as you possibly can. I am not Coptic but I find it very relevant, comprehensive and uplifting for our daily trials.

    6. Keep praying hard. We can never really say that we have prayed enough.

    Best wishes & God bless,

  • when Saint moses had the same struggle aginst sin he used come to his father in the monestary confess what he was encountering and ask for advice and for prayer, pray to God to give you the grace to overcom it daily and to thinks to counter atack the devil, meanning resist him do such things like fastting, praying often for help, do good works, but i believe you should consult with your foc untill it is done, thats what Moses the black did untill Jesus granted him the grace to overcome the devil, keep struggling dont stop God bless you g2g
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