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ok you guys, everyone else who i've talked to about this has made me feel REALLY bad. I'm in major need of the money, and i can't get anything from my parents till christmas. the democrats are paying $75 to people who go around houses and put in a good word/flyer for kerry here and there. The problem is... i'm pro bush!!! would i be a hypocrite if i did it? would God look at it that way? i've been asking a lot of people what they think and some say that its going against my beliefs whereas others say "if you don't do it you're throwing away $75" i know money isn't everything that matters and i'm not greedy, i just don't have mommy and daddy around to buy me whatever i want. I've been so troubled by this and its getting closer and closer. i just don't know what to do. i don't want to be a hypocrite, but i need the money. i've just been feeling so awful about this and i have no idea whats right and whats wrong. I know i shouldn't be, but i'm really worried about what people would think of me. When push comes to shove, its what God would think of me that matters. What would God think!??! Should i do this or not?! pleeeeeeeeeaaaase help me! you guys are the only people i can really rely on for good advice!
GB :'(


  • i'm wondering; why dont u find urself another job, doesn't this seem obvious or is this just me ???
  • of course its obvious! but i can't find one, the thing i need the money for is coming up REALLY soon, and i don't have time for a job. i barely have enough time for school and homework.
  • personally i would feel like a hypocrite, supporting the other party, but cant u arange something with ur parents, that u get the money from them, and u pay it off later, even with interest if they insist lol, and later on when u find time u could work a couple of weeks (making burgers at the Burger King for instance lol), perhaps u could work a couple of days in the Xmas holidays, and work really hard next summer to prevent situatioins like these ;)

    hope this helped a bit :)
  • well first of all please stop crying...theres too many tears on the forums these days :(

    im not really sure.....if its right or wrong...since God knows your intentions ..and He knows that you are really not supporting Kerry...
    In the end .....whatever we do.....doesnt matter in the election I think..God has a plan who will be president....

    "All things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful; all things are lawful for me, but not all things edify."1 Corinthians 10:23
  • my parents think i should just do it.
  • u should thank God for everything u have, then maybe u will be richer than ever....
    ur income will grow better with thanx, than just asking only, all the tym....
    do u thank God ever? in ur prayers??
    or do u always ask for things??

    GBU ;)
  • 75 bucks!!! *Ching-Ching* hey, I can still give out flyers here in Canada, can't I?? :P :P :P

  • :) hay
    lol good 1 coptic defender

    umm well i personally wouldn't care like if i am fully in need i would kind of do it, i wouldn't find it wrong and who cares, if your voting for bush kool
    but as u say you cant find a job and u need the money i think go for it i personally donth think God will think of you that way because he knows you really need it right?

    anyway if your not convinced pray that God will show you the right thing and also if its His will that you do it

    dont worry everything will go well

    pray 4 me FROG
  • I don't know, personally I'd feel like I was selling out if I was to hand out flyers for one party when I really supported the other. But, I don't think it's that big of a deal. If you really need the money I'd just go for it and make up for it some way. I don't know, walk around with a Bush-Cheney sign attached to yourself for the next two days (obviously not at the same time you are giving out the Kerry flyers)!

    ohh, by the way, coptic defender, don't forget that's 75 AMERICAN dollars. That's a small fortune to us canucks!!

  • Putting the shoe on the other foot, I couldn't put up flyers for Bush, even if he gave me $100. But hey, if you don't mind me asking, what is coming up that you need the money for?

  • i've decided not to do it. it would be totally unethical and i know God will provide for me in other ways if i really need it.
  • ;D ;D Good for you!!! :D :D You made a really nice choice, yeah, I wouldn't do it either. Even though God has His own plans for the elections, you're helping the Kerry campaign. So in my opinion, it would not only be not helping Bush, but it would be helping Kerry.

    Nice choice!!! God will reward you :D :D
  • Mate, who cares if you are pro Bush,
    Do you really think a few flyers will change the minds of the voters...certainly not will come down to the individual themselves and no matter what you will do you wont change their minds. Also it is just a job, do you think reporters/journalists when they are asked to go and cover a story on the Bush party they say no?..because they are a Kerry supporter... off course not! They get on with the job!!! Also your financial circumstances may be that you need this money...(as long as you are not using the money for bad things) then it is my belief that it is ok! Dont think about it too much bro....Just care about developing a loving intimate relationship with Our Lord God and Saviour Jesus Christ!!! Good Luck!!!
  • well of course it won't change anyone's mind but just the fact that i'm there. I won't die with money and ... things... i'll die with my principles and i hope i can stay true to my beliefs my whole life. I would feel extremely guilty. I just want to be able to sleep at night with peace of mind. You know?
  • Just care about developing a loving intimate relationship with Our Lord God and Saviour Jesus Christ!!!

    Part of a loving and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ is to obey His commandments.God hates murder{abortion} and homosexuality!Kerry supports both.To help Kerry would be to support evil and to despise God.As christians we are called to put our faith into action which includes fighting evil;even in the political arena.God bless you cremedelacremes for your strong moral convictions.May God reward you!
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