Depression :'(



  • hey guys! i have good news. i am out of my depression. some r saying o wow that was fast. well i talked to someone yesterday and they made me realize that God loves each and everything single one of us and will always be there.
    i know, i know, you all said that, but that person said it in a unique way. (that person is a bishop)
    i dont know what more to say.
    thankx for all your prayers
  • im so happy for you lostegyprincess... wish someone could gimme such a speech... im still in need guys--dont give up on me!!
  • im praying for u
  • oo, i need help with this too youst, i dunno, sometimes im feeling great and im just like, oh God is great and everything, then other times im just like, why me? like, sometimes it feels that all the weird characteristics have magically found themselves to me ( i know we dont believe in magic, im just trying to get my poiont across), so yeah, if u ever feel like ur the only one dealing with it, ur not!! ;D

  • i think we (me, me, me) all can relate to depression at one point or another, u kno? I mean when everything is going so right, the slightest things come along and mess everything up and we often think that there's no hope in fixing the problem and forget that there's a power so much higher than us and that He is capable of moving nations by his slightest thoughts. I know what it's like to feel as though God's picking on you....but i mean later you'll understand its only to make you stronger and wiser. I mean us teenagers are talking about depression from the life around us and we're all like 13-20....imagine our parents, what in Christ's name are they going through?! We feel as though we're going through depression yet we dont worry about bills, or mortgages, or taxes, or food, or clothing, or the cars, or the kids...etc. I think we all get it. The point I'm trying to make is that no matter how depressed you feel, don't lose hope in Christ, otherwise you'd be denying his presence. He is hope, He's our hope. There's so many people out there who eat once a week out of the garbage or people who use rags as their winter jackets, u kno? I'm not saying being depressed is wrong or anything even near there...i'm just saying even if the world around is crumbling and your body is too, don't let your spirit crumble also....He hasn't forgotten you....He just wants all of you for Him and Him alone, our God is not one who is satisfied with just a piece of us, he wants all of you. So guys, i really hope God lends you his hand soon and remember that whatever it is you're going through thank God for it because others are going through worse. Luv You all ;)

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • you bring up a really good point, yeah, you're absolutely right. remember the guy or the girl that has it worse than u and be thankful you're still in once piece. i love that, my mom says the exact same thing u just said all the time when i complain. :P and most of the time, u just wanna go out and help them :D sry, random.....
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