A sin or no?

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If you pay someone to kill you, who's sin is that? Is it the person getting killed because he set up the situation? The killer because he took advantage of another person's weakness? Or both?

Does it count as suicide for the victim?



  • sorry to sound so harsh but you will both roth in hell for ethernaty
  • I think that in christianity it's not only your deeds that matter, but your intentions also.

    Even if your paying a person to kill you doesn't qualify as you committing suicide, you would at least be encouraging someone to commit a terrible sin which is in itself a sin...

    Also that person would be disobeying God for money, which is a sin

    You can't cheat God, if you end your life one way or another, I think it's suicide, He knows your intentions...

    Just my view, I stay corrected...

    God Bless
    Please pray for my weakness
  • This is euthanasia, a rapidly growing method of treating terminally ill patients. The church considers it a sin as you do indeed wish to end your life unnaturally. Thus both of you will be condemned. This deed is the main basis of Mar Adentro or The Sea Inside. This is based in Spain, a very Catholic country.
  • yes. i agree. although u didn't commit the sin urself, u still supported it and encouraged it. "It'd be better for one to tie a millstone around his neck and throw himself in water than to be a stumbling block for others."
  • this is suicide... ever heard of something called assissted sucide? its the same thing... telling some one to kill you, is basically you being to chiken to kill yourself...  :P

    hope you aren't getting any kind of ideas ;D
  • sorry to sound so harsh but you will both roth in hell for ethernaty

    when it comes to salvation you never know! lets say when you hire that one person, in the middle of the action you notice that it's wrong and you repent in the last second... and the person that does the crime later on repents! so both would be saved... and no one ends up "rotting" in hell! so don't say if anyone is going to hell or heaven!

    and keep this in mind, if you question if something is a sin... 99.9999% it is a sin!!!

    akhadna el baraka... neshkor Allah!
  • So assisted suicide is the same fate as suicide for the victim?

  • i actually did a research report on this topic

    the idea of assisted suicide is called euthanasia and is a controversy in the book "the giver" by lois lowry

    both the killer and the person being killed are at fault
    actually, the killer (usually a doctor) can be put on trial for murder and even receive capital punishment if proven that he actually did kill the patient
    so not only is it a sin in God's eyes but also in the american legal system

    the person being killed is at fault because he IS commiting suicide because he is asking to be killed--that still is a form of suicide

    i am not sure if that answers your question

    any other questions, you can pm me or comment because like i said, i did a whole research report on this from the social, governmental and religious (christian) viewpoints
  • I agree with Godislove260

    you would at least be encouraging someone to commit a terrible sin which is in itself a sin...

    here is the verse that supports

    "if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea." Matthew 18:6
  • Im talking more in the aspect of, hey, here is $100, stab me to death. I dont think thats euthanasia, is it? And like I said, does the church put a wall between this scenario (assisted suicide) versus if the person were to kill themselves?

  • if you think about it, assisted sucide is worse than normal sucide, cause normal sucide, you kill yourself and its over.... but assissted sucide means you have somebody else involved in the plot, (who will ultimatley take your life), so its even worse for you, cause you caused somebody else to sin
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