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i know that when someone makes a mistake and they know the consequences, then the consequences are enforced right away but what if someone makes a mistake without knowing the consequences? can God save me and help me? will he understand? :-[


  • Well see, I think that a way you can actually avoid the consequences is repenting completely and become very sad of the mistake you did and God bless you as I am already seeing that you are sad about whatever mistake you did and I think that God will forgive when you go and confess the mistake you did to ur Priest,

    God Bless.

  • i have a really hard time confessing, what do i do?!
    and thanks
  • think of it this way

    when you go to confess you will feel like a heavy burden has been lifted off your chest

    it may be hard to confess but after you confess you will really feel peace in your heart

    we all sin and we all do mistakes, no one is perfect, when you go to confess, remember that aboona represents Christ, and Jesus already knows all our sins, just taking that 1 extra step to feel guilty about them and confess them, and repent is what matters. think of St. Moses the black, the adultress, the samaritan woman, God forgave all of them, God loves all of us and it doesnt matter how many or how big our sins are, just go confess them, and He will wipe all your sins away, "though your sins be like scarlet they shall be as white as snow" Isaiah 1:18
  • First of all for your first question, God is fair. He can not judge a person who knows that stealing is wrong and still does it, just as he judges one who steals but doesn't know it's wrong. He will try to show him its wrong and as the person learns it will be counted on him until he confesses and repents. That's why the more you know the harder it gets. We as christians should be a perfect example of Christ because we were taught by him. We can not judge another human being who has never felt the love of God, because he or she don't understand as much as us. We are the ones who show these people the truth.
    Second of all, if you can not confess face to face to abouna, you should sit with yourself and repent your sins and write them all down. Then give that paper to abouna and he will help you out. Think of it this way, abouna has hundreds of people confessing to him, he's not going to remember what you did. Instead he will help you not do it again, which means you won't have to confess about it, which means everything will be easier. There you go! look on the bright side and you can accomplish anything. Besides you get used to confessing. I used to be so afraid to confess when I was little but as I grow up I tend to look forward to it, because it releases the devil from me and I am free. I love that feeling! God help you though and I hope God helps you. God Bless ;D
  • Bishop Moussa gives us 2 reasons to confess:

    1. Solution
    2. Absolution

    Solution- Your father of confession will give you tips on how to prevent yourself from commiting sins and give you spiritual guidance which you would benefit from and would not necessarily know on your own; and, if you do know what he is going to say, he gives you that extra push.

    Absolution- Our Lord Jesus Christ has given our fathers in the clergy (priests, bishops, patriarchs) the ability to absolve sins. We cannot get absolution from prayer and repentance alone.

    Besides that we get the blessing of taking part in one of the Church's Mysteries (Sacraments) and we also make ourselves worthy to partake of the Holy Communion.

    Also, NotOfThisWorld was just saying that they got used to confessing as they got older. Just so that they are not misunderstood, you should not get used to repeating the same sins to your father of confession...your sins should not be routine. But you should get used to approaching abouna regarding your spiritual life and ways to improve it.

    Finally, if you are not sincerely repentant of a sin, Abouna Sourial says to pray that our Lord grant you a contrite, repentant heart and ask your father of confession what to do.

    Please pray for me,

    Sorry for typing so much
  • Thank you all so much!
    God Bless! ;D
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