Jehovah's Witnesses

Dear Brethern,
What is the difference between them and the Prtoestants
I am sure that the Jehovah's Witnesses do not believe our lord Jesus Christ is god
They just believe our lord as a prophet
Jehovah's Witnesses do not believe in celebrating Christmas, Birthdays, nor Easter.
They do not even take communion


  • This is a destructive sect,
    which was created in the last time,
    ie in the XX century!
    They are the forerunner of the Antichrist. 

    They believe in ,,Christ" who will come, and by their belief:
    together with 144 thousand selected massacre all those who are not Jehovah's  witnesses.
  • As well as followers of Muhammad,
    they believe that Jesus will break the cross,
    and destroy all Christian community,
    except Jehovah's Witnesses.

    It is still one the difference between them and the Protestants.
  • Thank You Serb

    But I have a question

    How come do they not believe in Christmas Easter or Birthdays?
    And why they do not take communion?
  • THEY ARE NOT CHRISTIAN!- at least in my opinion, it might not be "politically correct" but I do not care.
  • [quote author=Hisservant link=topic=7266.msg96292#msg96292 date=1224966894]
    THEY ARE NOT CHRISTIAN!- at least in my opinion, it might not be "politically correct" but I do not care.

    Stay away from J.W's. Please. They are really messed up. Their founder died in a very disgusting way, and I believe it reflects the way God viewed what this man arius was doing.
  • they also believe in 144 thousand will be saved and so they have a magazine called the watch tower looking for this chosen ones the problem is they have already found the 144 thousand ... OOOPPPSSS
    also they do not serve in the military and do not have blood transfusions. But your question was how are they different from protestants. Well to answer that they believe that Christmas came from a pagan tradition as well as other holidays Halloween easter and new years. And Protestants (I am one) do follow these traditions. Typically due to the medias ignorance the have placed Mormons, Jehovah witness and a whole host of what we as protestants call Cults into the same heap that they dumb Christianity. Realy many protestants have nothing to do with anything that they teach. Jehovah witness teach on conformity we protestants like to find the meaning of words and concepts and ideas naturally this leads to differing views but it is central to not that most protestants will not die on the distinctive s of there denomination but they will die for the central issues these being the sinfulness of man, the Holy Word of God. Virginie birth, Christs death and resurrection and his imminent second coming. Unfortunately a Jehovah witness (and many have come by my door I live not too far away from one of there meeting houses) do not hold to these teaching and so they are all distinctive and no meat on the bone

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