Marrying people on Student Visa?

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well that is the issue.

there is this boy who will ademli.
He is great, very very spiritual- that is the best thing about him. In our 2 hr convesation 1.50 min he is talking about Jesus. i love that about him

He is nice and i could consider to agree. However he doesnt speak the language and many things that he doesnt agree with that me as an australian does but would take me the way i am.

should i even consider? people say that they just want Visa, people say that he doesnt know the language so dont try (btw  i do speak arabic but not 1001% obviously english is easier for me) people say that its just plain disgusting  :-\ and the list goes on.

what should i do- he will tlak to abouna soon however should i even be considering or should i be saying someting like DONT TAKE THE RISK with people that are in his situation. HELP?

btw guys its great to be back on this site havent been on for like 2 years. really hes made me come back to jesus and therefore fufill my time in such beautiful websites rather than other useless ones.


  • sorry i will postt up on personal issues. LOL i forgot all about this topic thing. yes it has been that long
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