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Salaaaaam.........Could someone please tell me how can I read on my iPod? I would love to listen to the hymn and read its lyrics as well.....


  • well, you can right-click on a song in iTunes, and then choose lyrics
    afterward you can copy-paste the lyrics you want

    while listening to the song on your iPod press the round button in the middle a couple of times until the lyrics appear on the screen

    ps: my iPod can't read arabic nor coptic characters, so you might have to find anglo-arabic or anglo-coptic lyrics

    god bless
  • THank you Godislove , I have just learnt something new. Really appreciated.
  • wait how do u make the ipod read coptic?
  • I don't think you can
  • No problem joe, it's a pleasure to be able to help out... ;)
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