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Beloved in Christ,
I'm trying to find out what is entailed in starting a mission .
also any information that would be helpful regarding converts.
your brother in Christ - Sava


  • Dear Sava,

    What kind of mission are you asking about? Regarding converts, I recommend you visit our sister site: http://www.CopticChurch.net for introductory information on the Coptic Church.
  • Hi Sava,

    It is advisable that you don't enagage yourself in anything like this until you first get permission from your priest; who may have to speak with your bishop; who in some instances he may feel that he would want to run it by H.H. (I know of one case where this actually did happen).

    This is so that anything we do can be blessed and assisted by the church and done in a spirit that is acceptable to our beliefs.

    If your really keen to do something without all the drama for actually setting up something which is as official as all that then I would recommend that you do personal missionary work i.e. preaching to people you know or help out an already established charity. However it is also good to discuss this with your confession father also.

  • Personal missionary work is exactly what I have
    in mind. I agree with you on speaking with my
    your brother in Christ - Sava
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