my friend :( - need advice



  • Hey guys, I'm afraid I'm going to have to beg for your forgiveness :(
    I know I promised you that I would link you to that talk by HG Anba Angaelos...which I CAN do right now, but I'm afraid we messed up with the recording and the quality is so poor that you can't make out very much. Here is the link anyway, there are other recordings on the site:

    The talk I mentioned is the one titled "Restoration with others"
    And here's a brief outline of the talk:

    "HG spoke about restoring relationships with others - he spoke about the Prodigal son to highlight the various relationships that exist.
    In the relationship between the son and the father, it shows our actions often hurt our Heavenly Father especially when we choose to live a life away from Him. We need to realise when we have wronged our Lord and turn back to Him asking for forgiveness.
    In the relationship between the son and his brother, we learn that as Christians we are held accountable for our actions and the effect that is has on people around us. We must do all that is within our power to ensure we do not cause anyone to stumble.
    In the relationship between the son and his friends, we learn that we need to determine when a relationship is ungodly and taking us away from God. These relationships must never be restored because nothing is more important than my being with God forever."

    Once again, I'm VERY sorry...I feel terrible for getting your hopes up and disappointing you. I will try and see if there's a way around this, but please forgive me for now.

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