Poem #8

edited December 1969 in Random Issues
Hey u guys!! i haven't  posted in a very long time! but i have now! and i am here to share them with u! hope u like this!!

[center]Not Me[/center]
I looked in the mirror and I didn’t see me.
I saw someone who I didn’t want to see.
I saw someone who has been walking in darkness.
I saw someone who has been helpless.
I saw someone who had fear in her eyes.
I saw someone who regrets and cries.
As the tears slide down her cheeks,
you know her life is what she seeks.
What can I do to help her live?
What should I do? What should I give?
Show her the light she has been missing.
Show her God’s love and blessing.
Let her repent from her heart.
Make the devil and her be separated apart.
Show her that in the world she isn’t alone.
Show her God who is not unknown.
Show her the path she needs to see.
That is all I need to do to set her free.
I closed my eyes and opened them to see,
that in the mirror was now the real me.


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