need prayer books in alaska

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If anyone has any prayer books or service books
in english, or for that matter any Church related
material they don't mind sending to Alaska .
my adress is : Sava McMahon
701 indian river rd.

Or if you'd like anything from here in sitka - write
In Christ - Sava


  • Sava, you can check this link below for church books. There are many other spiritual books and tons of audio material in the other categories.

    God bless
  • Thank you geobish,
    very good website, I didn't know it existed.
    once again thank you.
    your brother in Christ - Sava
  • Agapitoc (beloved) seraph,

    Just wondering if these books are for an actual church in Alaska. Is there are church in Alaska? If so, how much books would you need?
  • Thank you & God Bless all of you for the copies
    of the Agpeya that I recieved in the mail the
    other day - they are being put to good use .
    Keep us in your prayers , as you are in ours.
    Servant of God - Sava
  • Hi Sava, Which church do you pray at?
  • Christos Anesti,
    I Attend services at St. Michaels Russian Orthodox Cathedral - there is no other Orthodox Church here in sitka - We are Under Sayedna NIKOLAI ruling Bishop of Sitka, Anchorage, and all Alaska- That is one of the reasons I've asked about mission work & what I'm trying to do here.
    My Brothers & sisters in Christ, that live in Juneau alaska , used to attend St. Nicholas there but are currently seeking to come under the guidance of another jurisdiction - could you help them with this? reader Daniels email in Juneau is - [email protected] write him if you have any advice on coming under the jurisdiction of the Coptic Orhtodox Church.
    Your Brother in Christ - Sava Sacevic
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