Seraphim Chorus Registration

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This is a general invitation to join the Seraphim Chorus of the Archdiocese of North America. The chorus is managed by a group of the deacons of the diocese. The goals of the chorus are:

To establish unification and fellowship with deacons and youth from surrounding  churches.
-  To implement a curriculum that deepens our appreciation for the hymns and rites of the Coptic Orthodox Church.
-  To unify the Coptic and English hymns amongst churches of the Archdiocese.
-  To represent the Coptic Orthodox Church in public Archdiocese functions.
-  To teach and revive rare Coptic hymns.
-  To establish a new generation of teachers in the hymns and rites of the CopticiOrthodox Church.
-  To produce booklets for the hymns and rites of ecclesiastical occasions.
-  To  be beacons of Christianity.

You can find more info about us on our site,, or contact me for more info and questions.

What’s important news now is that it’s the time of the year that we get to accept new students to be in our 3rd year class.
First step is to look at the Requirements, click on the link. Most of them are a must, but there can be some exceptions, contact me for more info.
Btw, this is a necessity for us as a chorus. We are not a “hymn class” that everyone can join keda. We have rules, grades, exams, and many serious school-like things that need to be taken seriously.

Second step, there are some forms that needs to be filled that can be found here, click on link, or to be doing less work, register online here.

Third step , well be meeting for an oral/vocal  examination.

Hurry…there is a deadline for registering….not sure when.


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