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hey buddies im afraid im taken a lil break from this site as im going bak to an important year of skool, but ill stop by every now and then.
itll be round 8wks, but in the long run 800days till my freedom, i have 2 paths to take, one is more difficult, but hopefully, i will persevere, with God's will and ur prayers, and reek the rewards.
God Bless
plz pray for me.


  • u know about it ay!!!
    its good stuff!!
    but abouna augustinos is my foc...
  • george i wish u the gonna go cry noe :'( :'( :'( :'(....8 weeks is a lot...but i do hope u have fun...if that possible in
  • Just remember us when you come to do anything, and you'll remember how much support you have behind you. But of course, that's always the

  • big happy
  • im so happy...
    no comment...
    GBU U ALL!!!
    soz, just had to mention that ::) ;D
    GBU ;)
  • but abouna yakoub is the one who does the contract
    u can have 2 FOC if u want ...theres not much diference ..just as long as sins get forgiven

    yeh did abouna augustinos do the contract wid u??
    its apouna yakoubs thing
    i will soon have a long brake from this site...i cant wait to stop being in this site!
  • hey cya buddy, ill miss ya, u have my prayers :-*
  • o yuk, u gave him a kiss....
    have u ever seen wat he looks like?....
    if u ever do, u wouldnt give him a kiss, EVER...maybe spitting on him is more....ummm, wats the word?.....its more expected...
    IM JOKING...PLZ, take it EASY...
    GBU ;)
  • what are you talking about? ofcoarse ive seen him, hes beautiful. ;)
  • hey can some1 please explain to me that contract...
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