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hello everybody, iam new here;) iam going to become Coptic in few weeks. i live in egypt since 6 years already and also i have a Coptic fiance. i actually dont want to be Coptic just or beacuse we want to merry. we are almost 5 years together and of course i knew little about Coptic Ortodox Church from him, but he never pushed me or say that i have to be Coptic...anyhow we would not be able to live together and merry if i wouldnt...i was baptised as a catholic when i was maybe 1 years old but then my mother-catholic-left us and my father beeing ateist didnt give me any education or religion. i was little against catholic church in my country which for me is not true, its just a company making money and not really beliving in God, i didnt like the priests which are hipocritic, i really didnt feel it. when i was a teenager it was very difficult for me, i was reading some bookes, more leading to a philosofy of life like buddhysm etc but inside of me i just believed in God. when i met my boyfriend i started to be interested about the Coptic religion. i went to Coptic church and i really felt it, i love the athmosphere, the bahur smell and even if of course i dont understand it, i feel it. the mess is long, but not very boring for me. when the priest talks a lesson in the end in arabic, iam lucky to understand it bc i know arabic more to listen than to speak but i can also communicate well if i need. i read a lot of books in english about this religion and now when i found this forum iam very happy bc i alreaqdy read a lot about the differences. as i was not brought as a catolic, Coptic church is for me first religion and first feel to this. i like to read about the saints and of course i like to know more and more. i have one priest, who is my very good 'friend' he is my guide into the religion.iam fasting always which actually is not big problem for me-iam already a vegeterian since iam born;)
iam going to merry soon also.and i want to make sure that i know enough to be able to understand what iam doing, and make sure that i will give enough and right education for our future children;) let me know where i should continoue. with prayers for all of you


  • Hey Marta, welcome to the coptic church. I'm very glad to hear that you've been looking for spirituality although you were raised in an atheistic environment. Also, I think it's amazing that you left your country and moved to Egypt 6 years ago, regardless the reason,I think it must have been difficult at first, especially since it sounds like you are originally from a Western European country. But anyways, I wish you a succesful and spiritually satisfying life...and also all the best in your marriage.
    If you have any questions on the coptic church, there are many knowledgable people on this forum whom I view as very helpful and who offer great advice and explanations..

    God Bless
    Please pray for me
  • Welcome. Looking forward to another sister in Christ.
  • thank you for nice welcoming;) yes, iam actually from Poland. i moved here bc also my mother lives here already 10 years but we work and live seperately having our own lifes. i had a chance to be adult, to work and to be responsible about myself thats why i stayed here. it was my luck also to find religion which spoke to my heart and made my life better. of course there is some things which i do not agree..maybe its only beacuse of my european lifestyle and open mind about living with boyfriends before marriage...i know it is a sin, but do you know any part from the Bible explaining this? do you know any sites which will have written overwiev of the words, texts and prayers which will be used in the marriage ceremony?or maybe something with prayers in coptic with english translation or fonetic reading of coptic?
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