Hello from London!

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Hello all,

my name is Matthew and I'm a 19 year old Coptic university student studying in London. I've been following this website for a while and I think it's been very benificial to my spiritual life. I'd like to get to know as many people as I can on here...no doubt I have lots to learn! God bless everyone who contributes to this site, really you're doing SO much good!

Enough about me though, I'd like to get to know you guys :)


  • hey matthew,

    welcome to the site. I'm from the U.S.. long ways from London. Hope to see you post lots on the site.

  • Hello... i say this in every welcoming message...  this site is ADDICTING....
  • Welcome!! You will love this site as much as we all do, Looking forward to your input on the forums
  • Hey wutz up!!! i know u will enjoy it here!!!
  • Welcome to the site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Lol Matthew welcome to the site (I promise I'll come to Croydon soon)

    pray for me

  • Hi matthew, im from Australia . Melbourne, Victoria far but nice. bthw were related thrugh countries!!, your british im Aussie!!

    pray for me,

    Coptic youth
  • Thanks for the warm welcome everyone, God bless you all.
    coptic youth, we're even more closely related through countries - I've actually had a brief stay in Australia, although it was NSW, sunny Sydney :P Spending Christmas day on the beach is still by far the strangest experience I've ever had!
  • [quote author=LondonCopt link=topic=6801.msg91238#msg91238 date=1213965019]
    Spending Christmas day on the beach is still by far the strangest experience I've ever had

    lol I hope you're talking about 25th December not the 7th January (otherwise you should have been at church  :P)
  • Lol I definitely meant 25th December!
    Although a liturgy on the beach could be interesting :P
  • lol Abouna do a mass on the beach  ;D - now you imagine that
  • [quote author=josephgabriel link=topic=6801.msg91243#msg91243 date=1213966160]
    lol Abouna do a mass on the beach  ;D - now you imagine that

    hahahahahahah you guys are baaad!!! :P

    Welcome mathew! I am looking forward to read your posts and replys! :) and if i can i will give you as much of my advices as you want (p.s. they are hopless and helpless so good luck taking it and applying it :P hahaha)

    So, you are a student studying aboard?! more like an exchange student? or you are living in london? what are you studying?

    p.s. I am 19 too I will be 20 soon! :) I am living in u.s. studying Biology (pre-med)
  • lol I'll answer for old matt here  ;D hes studying medicine in St. Georges, London
  • Ey Matt, I love your name and ur study :P
  • Lol as you can tell, Joe is stalking me :P
    bentbabayasooa, i was born and raised in UK...sometimes wish i was studyin abroad though!
    Matt, your name's lookin' pretty cool too  8)

    I need your prayers for exams at the moment too...and that Christ may comfort me, I'm going through quite a difficult time at the moment.

    God bless all of you
  • LOL GBU and bless you.. MOST OF ALL=)))) WELCOME

    plzz p4m sister in Christ
  • I have alawys wanted to go to london! :) and i still do! :)
    My fience everytime i tell him we should go to london for our honeymoon!!
  • Hahaha Matt, who's stalking who?

    And Mira, London for a honeymoon??! Its all crowded city and busy!
  • Lol I'd make a useless stalker...I'd be found out waaaaay too easily :P
    Lol, London isn't the ideal place for a honeymoon, but definitely worth visiting! If you do ever end up in London then first: look us up! And second, God help you! :P
  • hahahahahaha..... khalas balash london khaleha Iraq :D :P

    I assume Joe and copticlondon are "friends" and stalking eachother! NICE! :P
  • Hahaha unfortunately I know Matt (just joking)  :P
  • I don't have any friends...:(
    Oh wait, yes i do :D i definitely have the great honour of knowing Joe...one of the most angelic voices i've heard from any deacon :D

  • *blushes* lol Matt, my voice isn't that great - you are quite the moallem though  ;)
  • awww.... joe first you were showing your sensitive side now you are blushing!!!!! awwwwww........... Too sweet for me to handle :P

  • lol - im not macho man all the time  :P
  • Keep it up ;) girls like that :)
  • *sigh*  ::)
  • Haha what's all this blushing!? Ah it must be hard being a macho man, huh Joe? :P
  • lol who started this whole macho thing anyways ya mo3allem?
  • [quote author=josephgabriel link=topic=6801.msg91487#msg91487 date=1214327586]
    lol who started this whole macho thing anyways ya mo3allem?

    lol you can't be talking to me, im definitely not a mo3allem :P
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