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        Hey guys this post is started so everybody could share their favorite things about church [move]BUT BE CAREFUL NOT TO WRITE ABOUT ANYTHING NOT CONCERNING CHURCH[/move]


  • I just love the WHOLE CHURCH... all of it....
  • Humility...

    I view it as one of the hardest yet most beautiful virtues, and I see it as a very important virtue to our church and it might even be the key to the beauty and simplicity of it, which have carried it over all those years of persecution and trouble. Since someone who is not humble is not likely to receive any grace or strength from God for 'the Lord opposes the proud..'

    May God Bless our beloved church forever.
    Please pray for me
  • well i hope this counts.  BUT I LOOOOOVEEEEE TASBEHA.  better than anything=)))))

    plzzz p4m sister in Christ
  • God_Worshiper, what exactly did you mean by fav things about Church? like Virtues? or Teachings? or Buildings? or Style? or Alhan?    what exactly did you mean??? and as i said before, i love it ALLLLLLL
  • Well all those things u said and like favorite verse, feast, holiday, church phrase etc...
  • My first favorite thing is church is:

    Next three favorite things are:
    Liturgy and Tasbeha and Abouna. I love those three things sooooo much.

    After that in order comes:
    St. Mary's Glorification,
    The layout of the Coptic church,
    The Hodn El Ab (Bosom of The Father) in my church, It is the most beautiful, largest Hodn El Ab I have ever seen,
    The whole congregation as a whole, as a family that supports each other.
    Abouna's Son, who is probably the most committed deacon I ever meet.
    The lead deacon at my church.
    Any EVERYTHING ELSE (Except cell phones going of, car alarms, babys crying.) is Wonderful. (Oh, and children being naughty)

    God Bless,
    Copt Andrew

  • You know what I love best? The community and the sense of unity, for that indeed is what makes a church.

    pray for me

  • The history and spirtuality of the church. I still find it incredible that so many of our ancestors died as martyrs to defend our faith. I think we've gained so much from persecution, in that there's a great deal of spirituality in our church.

    "The Church of the Martyrs" - I still find this AMAZING no matter how many times I hear it!
  • Tamgeed
    Tasbeha - (most in in english) (i find it better when i know what im saying lol)
    St Gregory Liturgy
    MOnestary of St Anthony Cali
    My Priest
  • St.Menas Monastery in Mariout...  (Egypt)....  it is defenatly my favourite place to be (so far) on this planet...  once we went there with freinds and the freinds were related to a Monk there....He took us to the "inside" parts of the Monastery... It was AMASING.....  it was WONDERFUL....    He showed us the water treatment plant in the Monastery.(they have the cleanest water in all of the area) and a very beautiful peacful Garden... He also showed us the place where they have like fish hatchereies and stuff like that....  This was a great day... too badi was too young to remeber it all in better details....   
  • It is so peaceful there isn't it, I too had the opportunity to see those beautiful parts of the monastery... I've been going there since I was very young and I never want to leave...
    So I think I would add monasticism (espacially in Mariout) to the list of favourite thins in our beautiful Coptic orthodox church. I hope next time I go, I get the opportunity to visit the archaelogical part..

    God bless
    Please pray for me
  • I love the incense :) makes me feel that God, St. Mary and the saints are in the church!!
  • [quote author=godislove260 link=topic=6799.msg91451#msg91451 date=1214297641]

    So I think I would add monasticism (espacially in Mariout) to the list of favourite thins in our beautiful Coptic orthodox church. I hope next time I go, I get the opportunity to visit the archaelogical part..

    God bless
    Please pray for me

    just gotta love it....
  • I also love seeing a baby/person get babtised :) makes me think of tarenmeat kenssty kenessty heya beaty heya oumy :)

  • I also love the tune of kanisaty el 2ebteya...

    All the beautiful copts all around the world who are active in the nearby coptic churches in their countries who don't forsake their heritage to take on that of the rest of the world

    Our beloved Pope Shenouda III with his beautiful words filled with the Holy Spirit

    Leilet el Ghalamsis

    Osboo3 el alaam (Holy Week)

    ... and the list goes on...

    God Bless
    Please pray for me
  • Osboo3 el alaam (Holy Week)

    How could I forget Holy Week!!!! This is my FAVOURITE thing about our church - that we dedicate a whole week to live through the journey of our Saviour day by day! I've really taken it for granted in the past, but speaking to Christians of other denominations has made me realised just how special and how blessed our church is for having Holy Week...
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