Prom vs. Religion

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guys....i dont want to sound dumb or anything....but going to the prom is rite...rite???? so cinfused on this issue.....what do u think....cuz honestly if it is im probably the only one not going....but im perfectly fine with that...GOD COMES :) :) :)


  • I was always told that there's nothing wrong with going out with your friends but the environment just isn't a good place and can be described as a sinful place. But it really isn't wrong just better that you don't go.
  • i understand what you mean...but its not a sin to go rite????
  • well when deciding where to go remember this verse "All things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful; all things are lawful for me, but not all things edify." 1 Corinthians 10:23

    No one can really decide for you whether to go is right or wrong, you as a Christian, and daughter of Christ, will make that choice, ask yourself would this be a place where God's children should go to?
  • wow u guys actually use the word prom, just like in the movies wow.
    we call it a formal.

    i think its wrong to go, cause it may not be a safe, spiritual environment...
    "bad company corrupts good habbits"

    here in australia our church has a formal, rite, so ppl are discouraged to go to their skool ones, and they can come to the church one, which has i nice spiritual atmosphere, do u guys do that???
  • yes G.J.I
    we do that here too
    my church does that for the same exact reason, to discourage us to go to our school one because of the stuff that could happen
    and also i dont think its a sin to go if ur going with like a bunch of friends but the thing that i believe in is that u can never guarantee that nothing would ever happen to u there
    u have to say that no matter what u do there will be some influence whether its constiously or not.
    for example my sister was hesistating about this thing until the last minute and she did everything that u can imagine to get my parents to agree to let her go
    and finally they did let her go and at the last minute she was the one making the choice of not going
    and i think that she did the right thing that she choose the church prom over the school one
    sorry this is long guys but i hope this helped aruba
  • but doesn't bergen have a "mini prom" for the seniors, just with out the dancing, and inappropriate dresses? that's what i heard, i heard, that they rent a place and all have dinner together or something like that ???
  • hey
    i believe every church has a 'prom' except it's called 'aghabi prom' and the girls n guys choose to dress up (appropriately), if they'd like to or not....
    they usually go to an actual hotel (just like a real prom) and sometimes put on taraneem as background music, or just hang out as a bunch of friends
    in my opinion.... prom is a DEFINITE NO
    i dont find it reasonable to pay an unworthy amount of money towards an unworthy cause and scar my eyes by the way my peers may be dressed or dancing... or even perhaps eating! lol

    if u want to look forward to another reason as to why you SHOULDNT go to prom.... ask ur parents if u can have a couple or more of friends over for a movie and pizza or chinese food or something!
    u can dress in jeans n a comfy sweater along with messed up hair n nails.. and u can eat like a slob
    just my opinion ;D
  • interesting topic.. ive always been told that prom isnt exactly the best thing to go to... my abouna told both his daughters this: if u go to prom im going wiht you!.. lol... so yea... as christians, most parents dont apporve .. and yes most churches have like theur own "prom" type thing..however.. sadly ours doesnt... but heyy.. ill jsut ha g out with a bunch of frineds when time comes ... lol
  • hey guys....these are really helpful replies....bergen does it sumtimes....but they didnt do it this year....and george we have semi formals if that :) :)...but i heard new brunswick does that church thing every'll make our own prom :) :) :)
  • weelll yea bergen does have a little thing but at the beginnig of the year i was hearing a diff thing i heard that they were gonna have a very formal thing
    but a small thing is not bad either as long as there is something that replaces the skoool prom
    i went with my sister and i know for sure she had fun that she wouldn't have had during skool prom
  • lol......i love ;D ;D ;D
  • oh yea u were there to
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