Winner of the Poster of the Year...



  • however i dont understant what he's trying to prove or achieve??? ??? ??? ???
  • thats not for us to worry about or judge, lets worry about tryin to set a christian example in the foot steps of Christ, preach by example...
  • im not perfect....but i'll try.....
  • im sorry i wasnt goin against u personally,
    forgive me im a sinner, im preaching about a christian example, i shood be the first to follow my own advice, i shoodnt be tellin others wat to do, plz 4give me.
  • yeah me too..i am the other thread i said he shoulddn't be allowed in the site..but i am no one to say who should and shouldn't be allowed.
    Sorry again,
  • no G.J.I am lucky that you set me straight....i am the most sorry....i think i started this all....i hope hustler could forgive me and all of you.... :'( :'(
  • hahaha..stand your ground people. Fight for your religion, if good men do nothing evil will triumph (talking on your side)...GJI is a good man even though we believe in different faiths..Suprisingly we get on very well, in REAL life..My objective is to get some unfinished business done, the mods have not allowed that offcourse..
  • but arent we standing our ground...not letting you affect or beliefs and trying to treat you as Christ would....He loves all even those who hurt him the most....
  • now if thats not poster of the year material i dont know wat is!!!
    dont worry bout this pole, i think we have our winner right here.
  • how can i even compare to you?
    so should i lock the voting? :P
    theres not that much i feel like locking it but, ur good friend hustler, over here has wrecked my thread!! please go make a new thread for hustlers criticisms :)and stuff....
    GBU ;)
  • forgive me me, and pray for him.
  • No one voted for LordHaveMercy, we can't lock the thread yet >:(

    God bless,

  • wow thats impossible!!!
  • sorry Aripsalin..for going off apologies

  • its all good, yall...
    i only wanted more ppl to vote!!!!
    thats the only thing i ask from u!!
    GBU ;)
  • i wish we could get to vote more than once..i mean why cant we vote 1 vote for each person..i dont see how 1 vote is fair >:( :(
  • i totally agree, it hard this way !!
  • o wow...
    sum1 quik!!
    PM the admin!!!!
    really is a good idea, to vote twice... ;D
    GBU ;)
  • yeah lets do ir.
  • i think LordHaveMercy should winn!!!!!
    coz they got no votes, i think they re the most humble and best winner we could have as a poster of the year!!!
    who agrees?
    GBU ;)
  • i do!!!!!
    kool idea!!!

    but proncess mary, magnoona4lyf have to win too ;D
  • stop agreeing to everything i say...maaaan??????
    jk ::)
    o yes...
    one winner onli....
    GBU ;)
  • :P
    let have a gold silver and bronze... :D
    that way we acknowledge more ppl!!!!
    and a runner up as well!!!
    (LHM, princess mary, Magnoona4lyfm, arubaiscrazy (i know shes not on the list but she shood be!!!!))
  • [quote author=G.J.I link=board=1;threadid=670;start=45#msg12807 date=1097576961]
    ................................. the list but she shood be!!!!))

    thats my thing!!!
    wer u put two brackets...i do that!!!
    u copy cat!!!
    like this ((...))
    u copied !!
    dont copy my stuff!!!
  • Who izzz going to win zeee egbjian boster ovvv zeee yeeeer?

    God bless,

  • jenny it seems time to lock the voting
  • yeah just lock it now, so we can declare the winner,
    ill give u that honour since u made this thread ;) ;)
  • i dun wana lock it!!.lol
    onli coz id like the person i voted for to
    GBU ;)
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