life supports

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i have always wondered if it was a sin to sign a DNR form or not
and now the new question is that the life supports is it considered a sin because u are keeping a person alive that was meant to be dead already
i really need some opinions on this


  • i dont think DNR is wrong....its not wrong for a person to be brought back because there are things such as miracles....jesus brought Lazarus and the little girl who was very sick back to life when he said "Talitha(im naming my daughter, cumi" which is translated, "Little girl, I say to you, arise"....and i think it is the other way around.....the person was meant to live...because if GOd meant for him/her to die he would take them and no one would be able to bring them back to life because it was god's will.....i think what is wrong is euthanasia which is taking the life of someone who is very sick; releasing them from their pain....or taking them off of life support....that is would only do that if the brain is completely dead which means the person is one could be god and take the lives of humans....we as christians believe in god and his amazing miracles.....if u believe in GOd anything is possible....god bless :) :) :) :)
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