I need help with Sacraments, bare with me!!!

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Isn't it okay to liken Baptism to Resurrection and Confirmation to Pentecost?

Baptism: We die in Christ, we rise in Christ.

Confirmation: We receive the Holy Spirit.

Confirmation can be ANY TIME after Baptism.

I am not sure though if these are just coincidences or not, so please someone help me!!!


  • As a matter of fact Baptism is of course related to how we die and rise with christ and Chrismation is like our own Pentecost were we recieve the Holy Spirit, in a technical sense yes you can do chrismation at anytime but until you are anointed you cannot partake in any sacraments
  • jydeacon,
    That leads me to another question...why doesn't the Holy Spirit come down during Baptism when the water is sanctified by Myroun?
  • I think its because it only Sanctifies the water(by the way the Holy Spirit does come on to the water) and not the person because thats how the prayer goes if you've ever attended the Liturgy of blessing the water before the baptism. The water cleans us from the corrupt nature through the power of the Holy Spirit while actually being anointed gives us the grace of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • But jydeacon,
    Doesn't Abouna say BEFORE the dunking into the water, "Receive the Holy Spirit." and he breathes into the baby? Isn't THAT when the baby gets the Holy Spirit? Or is it during the actual chrismation then?
  • Yes thats true, but this is after the baptism itself. When he says it like that, its as if he is telling the person to get ready for recieving it. The person being baptized recieves the Holy Spirit during chrismation but one can't be done with out the other. The priest still has to breath on to the person. I'm not 100% sure on this i will look it up and let you know.
  • The Holy Spirit is active in every sacrament, so for instance abouna also breathes in your face after confession, that doesn't mean you receive the H. Holy Spirit: this only happens during the second sacrament. During baptism the H. Spirit is present to sanctify the water and renew the nature of the one being baptized like jydeacon pointed out.
  • we recieve the holy spirit through crismation when they get babtized they are reborn
    when he dunks the baby and takes him out it is like coming out of a wombs
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