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Is it ok to wash or iron Tounyas or Batrasheens? Why or why not? Any comments about this from The Spiritual Fathers? What is your personal opinion?

God Bless,
Copt Andrew


  • There is no problem keeping your tunia in order, in fact it would be wrong to let it get very dirty, badrashein i would say to leave them be since you don't want the color to fade in the washing machine.
  • something i have heard is that the water that you wash with are supposed to be poured next to a living thing, more like a plant. like the water of baptism ya3ny. but i think that is more of a saying rather than a right......except if someone can confirm this?!!! also i think this would be more active if tonics are more personall than the way they are now.

  • About the water on the living plant idea...
    At my church, after the liturgy,  The deacon(s) serving in the alter takes the water that Abouna washed his hands with and dumps it on plants in front of the church. (Which was me last liturgy  ;D) So I think you're correct Mina. I think I remember my former main priest of my church (Who is 96 (Aprox.) and ill, Please pray for him) said it wasn't right to iron it but I was very young at the time he was the main priest at my church and no one talks about it anymore. So what does everyone have to say about ironing and why it might wrong?

    God Bless,
    Copt Andrew
  • yes, i've heard your supposed to hand wash them and dump the water next to a tree. I wouldn't wash a badrashel if I were you since it would fade the colors, but if you want to, go right ahead. As for ironing, I'm pretty sure it's ok to do that. Maybe using a steamer would be better.
  • the reason for the dumping of the water left from washing is that weter becomes what cleans the priest's hands. therefore it comes more of a holy thing; don't take the word to litiral.......i just didn't find a better water.

    about ironing in general....there is nothing written about that. as long as your tonic is Ready to meet and serve God with. it's as you are meeting the King of all kings. you get ready, dressed in the best you have for Him. same mentality of being dressed nicly to church but for you as a deacon, more is expected from you because you are the closest to the altar.... it is a big deal ppl even thoo many take advantage of it these days.
  • I've never the idea that the water has to be poured onto a lbing thing. I know this is the case with baptism water, because it contains the Holy Myron, but tonias/patrasheins are not consecrated in that way...

    pray for me

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