Is there any way of downloading videos from the website?

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  • there is....  i think it is illegal though.. if you have the  newest realplayer, it gives you an option to download videos... i havn't done it on here, i have only treid it on a video from youtube and it works..... 

    Moderators.. are we allowed downloading them???
  • It is not illegal, when the website first started movies were available for download, they aren't anymore because of the capacity of the site(i got this from a previous thread).
  • What happens if you have a Windows Vista Computer...and it's not an admin, it doesn't work then for downloading through the newest RealPlayer.
  • i have no idea..can't u go on Admin.. or ask the person in charge to allow u or something?
  • That's probably what I am going to do. Thanks coptic pharaoh and jydeacon!!!
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