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[coptic]Greetings: i am an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian and have been blessed by this wonderful website. I thank God for the teachings. Happy easter! Melkem Fesika! How do u spell Happy Easter in Arabic and Syrian language?
God Bless!!! [/coptic]


  • HAppy Easter to you too. But wasn't Orthodox Easter a long time ago???
  • You said God Bleshh at the end.  ;D
    (Ethiopian! That's so cool! I really love the Ethiopian Church. So peaceful...I hope the Coptic and Ethiopian peace can be spread across the world.)

    God Bless you to, Remember he loves you,
    Copt Andrew
  • addiction... lol joking

    pray for me

  • LOL
    i repeat what was said by my brother...
    Welcome to addiction!!! :P
    no joke intended.
  • God bless you and thank you all in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ's Holy Name! Such a Joy to have Christian conversation! Beloved, Hizz_C & jgabriel u r right:-it can be very addicting...LoL....Thanks and Praise to GOD!!! :)

    Ressurection Feast wasn't that long ago L4Christ, hahaaha, aren't u still full???

    Copt Andrew: wow our God is so amazing! I was just reading that the Ethiopian bishops were appointed by the See of St Mark at Alexandria and this poor Ethiopian is truely being blessed by the service of St Mark Coptic Church in New Jersey

    Again Much Thanks,

  • [quote author=elsi70x7 link=topic=6565.msg87035#msg87035 date=1210340143]

    Ressurection Feast wasn't that long ago L4Christ, hahaaha, aren't u still full???

    well yeah if you think about it it really wasn't that long ago. Sorry my mistake.
  • Elsi, There is only one race on this world. And that race is HUMAN. And they are all created equal. It depends on that human if they want to change that. And yep, They do belong to The See of St. Mark. One of my favorite bishops is actually Ethiopian-Human (;D) You probably heard of him. Amba Macarius.

    God Bless,
    Copt Andrew
  • Oh, Copt Andrew, the blessings just continue to flow.....i [i]have[i]recently heard of Amba Macarius!!! Actually the Church I am trying to organize has been blessed with the name of 'Kidus Macarius'

    Please pray for us
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