Pope Shenouda

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              Guys the pope just came to the U.S. yesterday because he was sick , we should all pray for his saftey and plz all whenevr u pray plz  ask god that he may be kept safe for our church.


  • The prayers of all the saints, preserve the life of or blessed and honoured father Pope Shenouda III

    pray for me
  • May God keep him on his throne for many years and peaceful times and trample his enemies unders his feet speedily.

    God Bless and Pray for me and my weakness
  • God Bless Him
  • May God preserve the life of our Holy Father Pope Abba Shenouda III, the 117th Pope and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark, Archbishop of the Great City of Alexandria as well as all of the lives of our Holy Fathers the Archbishops, our Fathers the Bishops, our Fathers the Hegumens, our Fathers the Priests, our Brethren the Deacons, our Fathers the Monks, and our Fathers the Laymen. Preserve the life of our Church, it's fathers, and it's congregation.

    [coptic]`Y`agapy tou :eou patroc@ ke `y,arictou monogenouc@ `uou Kuriou de ke :eou ke Cwtyroc `ymwn@ Iycou `<rictou. Ke `y koinwni`ake `ydwre`a tou `agiou `pneumatoc@ `i `ymetatou `agiwtatou ke makari`wtatou@ patroc `ymwn papa abba Senou].
    Papa ke patriar,ou tyc megalopolewc Alexan`driac@ nem `t,wra tyrc `n<ymi nem `tpolic `mPennou] Ieroucalym nem ]`tiou `mbaki `mpement@ nem }lubi`a nem Noubi`a nem Ni`e;aus nem Afriki`a.
  • Is H.H. feeling better? I am praying for him and his health with my Rosary!!!
  • Insh'ala His Holiness will get better soon
  • [quote author=aem581 link=topic=6559.msg87239#msg87239 date=1210565868]
    Is H.H. feeling better? I am praying for him and his health with my Rosary!!!

    Hi, do we have Rosaries in the Orthodox Church?

  • Not ritually, again its a matter of personal choice

    pray for me

  • hi guys,
    pop now in Egypt. and I think he is better now.
  • I am happy that H.H. is better!!!! May he live for many years and peaceful times.
  • H.H. is back in Cleveland today for the next couple of days for Medical treatment.... He came to consecrate churches in Toronto (Canada) and surounding area, and He might stop at Winnipeg (insha'allah) on His way back to Egypt.
  • Unfortunatly, he's not comming to Winnipeg Copticpharaoh and he said he  may come in August.

    Anyway May God Heal Him
  • well then, lets pray that H.H. would be able to come in August
  • what a wonderful Pope , May God save Him and bless His life more and more and support Him in the services all over the world . May His prayers be with all of us Amen , thanks God_Worshiper  for ur topic , God be with u .
    mention me in prayers
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