World of Warcraft

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For those of you who heard of this online game or maybe even play it and have some knowledge about it, I would like to know your opinion on these following points:

A.)Is It appropriate? If so, For what ages.
B.)Over 10,000,000 people play it, is that a bad thing?
C.)We all know addiction is bad, what is you play about 5 hours a week though?
D.) Anything else you would like to comment on.

I don't play this game myself although I have played in before and will probably play in again sometime in my life. And I know many people who play and a lot of them are addicted so please pray for these people. I asked for this information to know more about the Christian view of the game many of my friends' and their parents play.

God Bless,
Copt Andrew


  • A). Age appropriateness is the ESRB rating, E-Ao. what ever the rating is the age appropriateness.
    B). I don't think so, its good business, they created a game that people want to play. If its fun then i don't see why its a bad thing unless it has inappropriate content or is somehow takes you away from God(i haven't played this game so i don't know).
    C.) 5 hours a week is actually not that much if you think about it, thats less than an hour a day. Again as long as its not taking you away from God, no big deal.
    D.) lol no comment, haha just kidding. I'm no authority in the church obviously so what i said is just my opinion. In my opinion if you are playing games everyday its not a good thing since that could be a waste of time that you could be using to read the Bible or pray or do anything productive. but playing every once in a while just to wind down and have some fun is not wrong at all but good since it can relieve stress and you just enjoy your time. its when you play the game for many hours and become addicted is when its the problem.
  • It's rated T so I guess my friends qualify  ;D (And their parents  ;D) And I agreed on everything you said.

    God Bless,
    Copt Andrew 
  • In general, i think that game is a TOTAL WASTE of MONEY... you have to pay a monthly subscription (i think it is like 15 to 30 dollars??? ) a month????  ( not too sure of the price) and all these games are totaly pointless (i know this because i used to play something similar to it )
  • Yes, I see where you are coming from.
    For the U.S. it's $20 for the game, $15 a month and $30 for the expansion pack.
    I felt the same exact way you did and I still do...kind of...
    Games are a waste if you can be doing other things
    . But like a said about five hours a week should be a good amount to play these games.
    They should only be played when you need to take stress off or are bored out of your mind and have no more important tasks to do.
    These online games should NEVER TAKE YOU AWAY FROM GOD. IN no means or circumstances whatsoever.
    And also should no be played if any inappropriate content is in them, that's my view of them but I could always be wrong in something according to the view of them in the Coptic Christian view of things.

    God Bless,
    Copt Andrew
  • lol i remember a way to play a free version of this game-

    you get the game disks, install them, and then you go the file "realmlist" and change it to the website of the private (free) server you want to play one (there are many on the internet), and that way you play for free....

    as for the game itself - the old spiel about addiction----- just don't get hooked mate.... if you start feeling hooked.... STOP right then...

    pray for me

  • oh wow, i sometimes make fun of my friends that play it  ;D, and i played this otehr game and used to e addicted like 24/7 a coupe of years ago, and all in all, it wasted my time, could of done school work, orand otehr thing more, and it made me wanna play it every  second. games are not bad, but just you shouldnt play it too much,...

    but now im a xbox live person  :D
  • Lol, x-box live....... typical gamer's choice  ::)
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