Via Dolorosa (Instrumental)

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Hi all readers... please.. i need help finding via dolorosa instrumental... thanks

God Bless, Take Care
~Peter Morcos


  • i think i've seen before many posts looking for this one

    i found 2 midi versions (the one by Sandi Patti) in this page

    if u still want it right click and download the file and listen in media player
    or chose a version, then please tell me if you want it as HQ mp3 classical instruments or modern also slower or faster so i prepare it for you

  • umm, on what instrument?
  • If you're asking me I have access to edit and render the music with almost any instrument.

    BTW I love the sound of saxophones (but too difficult for me!) and admire players using this fine instrument.

  • thank u. i take that as a compliment.

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