Prayers Needed

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I know Ive asked before, but I ask again that you all keep me in your prayers, for me in my exams, and for other issues in my life, especially my lack of faith and spirituality in general.  I feel im in a real struggle with everything.  And I thank you all in advance, because I do really believe that prayers make big differences.  GBW you all.


  • The Prayers of all the saints be with you. Especially of those of St. Mary, St. Mark, St. George, St. Marcorious(abu sefein), St. Mina the wonderworker, and HH Pope Kyrillos VI.
  • May God be with you and all the Saints.
    Please also remember my weak self in your prayers.
    In Christ
    [move][center]May God be with us all.[/center][/move]
  • thanks guys..i really appreciate it...May God be with you as well
  • :'(Please pray for us!!! Trying to organize an Orthodox Church in our Parish.....the going is tough! Sometimes i wonder....i mean Sodom and Gommorah couldn't be saved. Should I just flee from this place?

    Please pray for us!!!

  • Never give up--- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me....

  • May God help us and let us do according to his will.
  • Rabana ma3ak ya weakone! :)

    we ensha allah rabana hayou`af gambak we yenagahak we tegeab ahsan el daragaat :)  beshafa3at oum el nour el 3zra` mariam we habebna el baba kyrolos we beshafa3at habebo mari-mina el 3agaybe.

    rabana ma3ak, and tamana 3aleak

  • Pray for the poor people in devastated Myanmar (Burma).Pray for all people who live in poverty and devastation.[coptic][/coptic]
  • thank you bentBABAyasooa`..i appreciate your kind words and ask you continue to pray for me...and May God help those in need in Myanmar as elsi70x7 said.

    pray for me,
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