ya mym reh yeh mym ya set el abkar!!!

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hey guys really lookin for this hymn i hope u heard of it, ya mym reh yeh mym ya set el abkar, (excuse my poor arabic :-[) its really long and beautiful i realy wanna find it, and also really want the lyrics to it in english arabic, and an english translation of it, if any one could help me out there i will be eternally thankful.
thnx guys!!


  • so noones heard of it :(
  • yep i know what your on about..there is a website on it but i forget but search orthodox hymns on askjeeves.com not google.com and you should 85% find it...hope it helps
  • thnx aek but i couldnt find it...
  • I luv that hymn!!! ;D I have it on a CD, but I duno how that would help :-\. maybe the admins can put it on the site for u
  • i mostly really want the lyrics in eng arabic and its translation
    but wow!!! im glad u heard of it, i really luv it 2!!!!!!
  • hey sister, if u have real player u can save it on ur computer and then send it to GJI
  • Hey C.J.I,
    I have that hymn on a tape, so that wasn't very helpful.
    But the good news is I recently found it on a website, so here is the link:

    Also, I have the lyrics in Arabic, I just have to find it and scan it for you. I will try to do that as soon as I can.

    It is a very nice hymn, I can see why you're looking for it.
    Also, I don't know if you can read Arabic, but the website on which I found the hymn has a lot more songs in Arabic (and the website is written in Arabic). You might want to take a look. Here is the link to the songs page:

    I hope that helps...in case you haven't already found the hymn!
  • hey i finally got it in english and arabic!!
  • ps buddy i cant read arabic which one is it??
    on the site...
  • Hey C.J.I
    sorry I didn't know you couldn't read Arabic but the first link in my last post is a direct link to the .wav file. If you would like to save it, right click on the link, and choose (save as).
    Here is the link again:

    Note: This is the arabic version of this hymn.
  • sorry it dodnt work :(
    can u help me again...plz
  • hey i know that song i have it writen but in arabic i will try to write it in english mo3rb the way u want and but it here for u but i dont really remember were is it write now but as soon i find it ansha allah i will bring it to u , it is very nice song i wish i could find it here on the web is one of my favorite and i also hope that it will be in the voice of bishob mosa or any body else :)
  • Agape,

    You'll find the English text and an audio of this madeeha in the Spiritual Songs section of copticheritage.org - it's called "O Mary - Kiahk Praise Hymn"


    In Christ,
  • [quote author=G.J.I link=board=2;threadid=655;start=0#msg14063 date=1099988993]
    hey i finally got it in english and arabic!!

    hey i have it in eng and arabic, i attached it b4...
    take a look
  • Thanks Guys

    i want to download it but i can't

    Can anyone help please
  • It seems the website that had the file I was referring to has shut down downloads for now, obviously for bandwidth problems. I'll let you guys know when it is up again.
    The bad luck is that I downloaded many files from the website before they shut down the downloads, except for that specific file "ya mym reh yeh mym". I was going to download it later..
  • Hello everyone,

    It seems that the website is now working - the question is which hymn is it? I don't read arabic :-\

    Peace in Christ,

  • Ladies and Gents,
    below is a picture with the link highlited. Scroll all the way to the bottom and look on the left side, its number 4. I couldn't download it though, don't know why.
    Hope this helps.
  • hi coptic boy,

    Thanks! I will try to download it tonight and keep you posted of my results.

    God bless and have a great new year!

  • Guys, I wanna thank you SOOO much for this, I was JUST thinking that it's too bad that I can't find the lyrics to this BEAUTIFUL tarneema, thanks SOO much!!
  • Hello everyone,

    Happy new year and merry x-mas!

    So, I tried downloading it. I was able to download it, but I wasn't able to play it. Maybe it is not compatible with Real Player?

    And to Dany - GJi on novemeber 9th posted the lyrics to this beautiful hymns as an attachment. It is lovely.

    God bless,

  • Hey you guys that website isn't working anymore and I really want this hymn... Does anybody else have it?
  • [coptic]+ Iryny nem `hmot>[/coptic]

    I haven't tried listening to it, but you can find this song here.
  • See the thing is, there are about a hundred different versions of it. I want the one with the ten strings... I could post the lyrics up if anyone wants them (in english-arabic).
  • copticheritage.org has an amazing recording of this song in english here:http://copticheritage.org/PagEd+index-page_id-791.phtml

  • Its a really nice recording but its in English... I personally prefer the arabic version... nobody has it at all?
  • i have it in arabic if you would like....but its not from a webiste...i have it on a c.d...if u want i can send it to u in an email and if u need more cuz i have most of the kiahk praises in arabic.

  • Nobody has the version I want (in arabic at least)... If you ever see it around remember this thread!!
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