Amoiny Mar

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im looking for the intro to the Defnar (the tasbeha synaxarium), its called amoiny mar i think, can any one help me out?


  • if i'm not mistaken, that verse is exactly the same as in the intro of the Verses of the Cymbals...i'll write it down for u tonite ;)
  • Amoiny Mar and Shere ne Maria for the Adam days

    [coptic]Amwini marenouwst@ `n}`triac =e=;u@ `ete Viwt nem Psyri@ nem Pi=p=na =e=;u.

    <ere ne Maria @ ][`rompi e;necwc @ ;yetacmici nan @ `mV] pilogoc.[/coptic]

    Ten ou osht and Shere ne for the Batos days

    [coptic]Tenouwst `m`Viwt `n`aga;oc nem Pefsyri I=yc P=,=c@ nem Pi=p=na `mparaklyton@ }`triac =e=;u `n`omooucioc.

    <ere ne `w ]par;enoc@ ]ourw `mmyi `n`aly;iny@ ,ere `psousou `nte pengenoc@ `are`jvo nan `nEmmanouyl.

    after the reading u say on both the Adam and Batos days these verses:

    [coptic]Ouon ouhelpic `ntan@ qen ;y=e=;u Mari`a@ `ere V] nai nan@ hiten nec`precbi`a.

    Ouon oumetcemnoc@ `n`hryi qen@ pikocmoc `ebol hiten pi`slyl@ `nte ];e`otokoc =e=;u ]agi`a Mari`a ]par;enoc.

    (source; the Deacon's service book by Albair)
  • thnx man!!!! :D i hope ur rite ;)

    but i cant read it looks like jeberish, do i have to download a coptic fon or sumthing to make look like coptic, cause on my screen it looks like: "@[]'=" :(
  • lol, go to, they have all the coptic fonts in the world :)

    god bless
  • wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i usually not good at computer stuff :-[
  • great, if u need any more txt, i have loads of stuff on my computer ;)

    and that website has a LOT of txt too :)
  • ya mym reh yeh mym ya set el abkar!!!
    help me out with that!!!
  • sorry, no arabic stuff, only coptic ;D
  • oi how do u write abreviations!!!
  • the coptic abreviations?? Hm, u just write the [coptic]Iyc [/coptic] for instance, just the letters, and u put the [coptic]=[/coptic] stripe on it...if u install the CS fonts on the site, u will find an Adobe file with everything u need to know about the font and how to use it...hope this helped
  • hey, wondering if u ahve the regular tasbeha for ten ousht emviot

    in audio pls and only that
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