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Christ Is Risen,
Ive got a personal experience with a mircale that happened to me and my brother in christ very recently. My brother was in immense pain and as i was talking to him over the net God sent me a wake up call. I had totally diffrent way of life before i spoke to that person, but at the end of the convo everything changed for the better. I wasnt going to go to Bright Saturday service, but because of the determenation and love for God of that person I went. He was in the worse shape ive ever seen him, i was moved by his pain and tribulation. As Abu-Sefien is my intercessor, i went to his altar and i asked him to heal my brother within 3 days, i also went to St,mary and pleaded with her. I had faith that God will perform wonders. By Gods will, this brother was better on Easter Sunday and was healed feeling much better, but still remains with shoulder pain yet to be healed. I thanked God and St.Mary and Abu-Sefien who healed him. I now ask that if someone can give me directions of how i could send this miracle in to be written in Abu-Sefien miracle books, as i need to record it that would be greatly appreciated.

Pray for my weakness,

Coptic Youth


  • BTW what do u think, should the miracle be known or kept hidden? If its hidden it'll deprive many of gloryfying Gods name. If revealved it could cause fase glory. Wht should be done?
    Im intendidng to write in Abu Sefiens miracle book, but i dont know how to write it. How do i send the miracle? Help ASAP would be greatly appreciated.

    Coptic Youth

    Forgive my weakness
  • Of course you should spread the miracle - by glorifying God's name with this miracle, you will also give hope to peoplei n similar situations. The best way would be to contact St.Abu Seifen monastery for nuns in Old Cairo, but as to how I'm not sure. Ill look them up and get back to you

    pray for me

  • There's also the monastery in (or perhaps just outside) Alexandria. St Abu Sefen did two miracles with my (biological) brother. My mother was writing the miracles to be sent in but I'm not sure if they were sent in :S.

    A good way to get it to the monastery and make sure it got to the hand of the nuns is to send it down with a friend or family member that's going down to Egypt. They could take it in for you and also receive blessings of the monastery.

    If this is not practical for you, I have some of the books from the monastary and I will try to find some contact details on them.

    As to how to write you're miracle.. Just retell the story as it goes, with as much detail as possible. Also, if there are copies of medical certificates or records that would greatly help them aswell. Also, maybe you could quote some doctors...

    +God Bless.
  • [quote author=Hizz_chiilld link=topic=6524.msg86306#msg86306 date=1209397121]
    There's also the monastery in (or perhaps just outside) Alexandria.

    Yep, the one in El Sahel el Shamaly - in front of the holiday resort called Madinat el Shorook
  • LOL well you seem to know alot about it !
    That's the one! It's beautiful! Have you been there recently?
  • No, havent been there since last summer, but definetley will this summer - its great.
  • Pray for us there!
  • certainly will, but make sure you pray for me to

    joe  ;)
  • Thank you for your responses,
    dosent any one have an email where i could send it?? i ask kindly tht as my brothers and sisters in Christ, tht u pray for me as im in a harsh tempatation and i need u to pray with me please, for the love of God.

    Pray for my weakness

    Coptic Youth
  • I look for the address for you, and i'll pray for you and you pray for me

  • someone who has replied to this topic said they were going in summer, maybe you can send the story with them if they dont mind?
  • [quote author=mnc_hnn link=topic=6524.msg86497#msg86497 date=1209590732]
    someone who has replied to this topic said they were going in summer, maybe you can send the story with them if they dont mind?

    Thats a good point. Coptic youth, why don't you e-mail me your documents, adn I will personally take them to Egypt in the summer?

    pray for me

  • yeah that ^ wud be a good idea i think Joe...
  • Ekhristos Anesti,
    Thank you so much joseph. When is your summer? I mean as i am Australian our summer is in november till january. That would be greatly appreciated, but i need to know when i need to send them, and please inform me of your email. i would be greatly moved, if u could make that effort for me and hand it in to the nuns in the convent, so it can be published.

    Pray for my weakness,

    Coptic Youth
  • Absolutely no probs coptic youth - ill pm all details
  • Hi all,
    This is late, but me and my brother have finally wrote the miracle and here it is. btw, its long (sorry) when i was told to write it i was told t write it in as much detail, so we did.

    Forgive me,

    Coptic Youth
  • One of the most anticipated weeks of the church is the Holy Passion Week. It is one where we are given the opportunity and grace from God to walk with Christ up until Golgotha. This miracle is of one servant of God, who has been blessed with the prayers of his spiritual brother and the saints. This is a recent miracle which had occurred during Holy Week in Australia 2008.We are sorry to have sent this miracle in late, but this was the earliest we could offer it. This is an acknowledgment to St. Philopater Mercourious of the two swords, who performed this miracle.

    It was Wednesday Eve of the Holy Pascha. Prayer was constantly interrupted by this young man’s upset stomach. The pain progressed throughout the night until it hurt so much even when there was a simple ditch in the road. Even walking, he found difficult. When he got home all he could do was quickly limp to his bed as by this time the pain became unbearable. The whole stomach was painful and no medicine would settle it. The pain originated from the centre of the stomach and then grew substantially until the whole centre of the abdomen was in pain, as it also began to slowly move towards the right of his body. He was given medicine, but the body rejected the medicine, resulting in vomiting. Three times medicine was tried once again, but the body kept rejecting it. The mother was full of worry as the father examined the son and concluded that he must be taken to the hospital.  The father and the brother of the young man took him to the emergency ward where he was taken in almost immediately. He was left to lie on the bad in this pain, as there was no solution for it. He spent the rest of the night in hospital as it was now about 11 o’clock at night. The nurses connected a drip, a canal and began the antibiotics. It was not until 11 o’clock the following day that the he was admitted into theatre. After the operation, the pain was excruciating. He had now not been eating for twenty-four hours and a further four hours of no food was needed. Even after constant recommendations of breaking the fast, the young man confidently refused. Dizzy spells, pains and headaches became somewhat normal to the body. He was finally discharged from the hospital on Covenant Thursday. The young man being keen on the church attended the Holy Pascha that night. Unable to walk or stand properly he was determined to please the Lord. That day after constant battle with his body he managed to get some sleep that night.

    On the Glorious Good Friday, he woke up early and earnestly ready to attend Church. However, he was discouraged by his mother who was fearful for him. Dizzy spells and headaches and pain were all he could conjure from his body. He finally found the energy to go to the Church however; he was upset that he had missed out on so much. Also, because of the operation he was in no shape for fasting, so he had to sit down and drink water throughout the prayers. Finally, after the Glorious Feast, he went home. His mother had been insisting for him not to attend the Apocalypse night, however now he was determined more than ever. He didn’t rest his body merely because of the fear of not waking up in time. Upon arrival, his body was tired and weary; however he managed to make it until the reading of the Revelation. After that sleep had taken its toll and he fell asleep, only to be woken up at the start of the mass. He took part of the blessed communion and once again went home. The pain was still excruciating and now he was experiencing pain in the shoulder. This pain was to the extent where at some points, it surpassed the abdominal pain. All he could do was pray to God. However, with the prayers of his brother in Christ, he was made well within three days.

    After the long day of service on Good Friday, the brother in Christ was exhausted. On returning home, he went on to the computer to chat. Originally this brother was not going to the Apocalypse service, but because of the determination of his sick and fragile brother, his love to God, and perseverance to serve God; this brother was greatly moved and went to the service. The sick brother was a shining image of God, for his brother in Christ who was lost on his spiritual path. While the two brothers in Christ were chatting over the internet, God revealed the level of high spirituality of his sick brother to his proud brother. The brother was in dire need of interference from heaven, so he can return to the way of Christ His personal Saviour. After pleading with God, God wished that he may learn a life changing lesson, to return him to His bosom.  The sick brother was usually full of energy, but while he was in pain his brother in Christ saw him at his worst possible sate. This moved him greatly and he asked God to heal him. When he went to the Apocalypse service, he took with him a few bottles of holy oil from various sources, and presented them to his sick brother that he may mix it with water to drink and be healed quickly. As the sick brother was in severe pain, he went inside the altar to rest.  His brother in Christ couldn’t believe that he was suffering immense pain, but still made the effort to attend the service. As this brother’s patron saint is St. Philopater Mercourious of the two swords, he went to his altar dedicated to his name. As he went to the altar, he cried with tears, pleading the saint to perform a miracle for the sake of his sick brother in Christ. He poured his complaint to the Lord in the name of the great saint, asking that he be healed from his pain within 3 days. He also went to the altar of St. Mary, asking her to heal his brother as he loves him greatly and cannot continue to see him suffering.  This brother walked after he pleaded with his mother and patron saint, having complete faith that the Physician of our bodies and souls would heal his sick brother in Christ.  The Compassionate Lord looked from above and saw the determination of His son to come to Him although he was sick, and the love of his brother to him, so He decided to listen to his cry, to heal him.
  • After the brothers received communion, they both farewelled each other and returned to their homes. On the eve of the Glorious Feast of Resurrection, the sick brother was slightly better at church. The Lord was planning a great and extraordinary way to be glorified.  On Resurrection Sunday, church celebrations were conducted, the brother walked in church to pray and to attend the festival. At his amazement he saw an unbelievable act of wonder. The sick brother, who had been in immense pain, was standing in front of him as if nothing had happened the day before. He stood shocked, amazed of how he had been healed so quickly. The brother asked for healing to be done within 3 days, but his mother (St. Mary) and his patron saint (St. Mercourious), were determined to make him better with the healing power of the Compassionate Lord, in a day. The brother could not believe that this was his beloved brother in Christ who was extremely sick. He asked him how he was feeling, he responded much better.  He was reluctant to tell his brother the story behind his rapid recovery, as his brother might think he is a saint; but couldn’t hide God’s incredible acts with him. After much thought, the brother told him to make an oath to him, which he would not tell anyone till the day of his departure.  After he narrated the miracle to him, his brother was thankful that he had prayed for him. 

    From that time onwards, the brother who had prayed for his sick brother in Christ, was closer to Christ and solves any problem with the power of prayer. Prayer moves mountains, solves the impossible and makes the link closer with the believer and His Lord.  This miracle is the fruit of true love between the two brothers in Christ, and the effectiveness of prayers.  It illustrates the power of keeping in close friendship, with the victorious Church. It shows the importance of having an intercessor, to intercede on our behalf.  This information is accurate and is truthful. Both brothers ask that the reader, pray for their weakness asking the Lord, that He may strengthen their friendship and increase their love for God and each other. May the intercessions of the ever virgin St. Mary and the prayers of the great saint St. Philopater Mercourious of the two swords, be with us all.                         

    Glory be to God forever more Amen.
  • That is a truly beautiful miracle

    pray for me

  • thnks Joe. Ill send it across to u once ive got my spiritual brother to approve it

    pay for my weakness,

    Coptic youth
  • OK  ;)
  • Hey Joe, I was at the Abu Sefein monastery last summer, it's really beautiful and peaceful, hope you enjoy your visit to Egypt... Please pray for us when you're there...

    God Bless
  • Thank you, please pray for me also

  • Hey coptic youth, I'm curious to know how you went about sending this miracle? Any news?

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