where is GOD?

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recently on the first of september a middle school in the small town beslan, russia, was taken hostage by terrorists. in russia the first day of school is a celebration where parent, grandparents, friends, and childern go together to enjoy festivities. however this year they were surprised by a group of thirty armed men and women carrying guns. about 1, 300 people were taken to the gymnasium by the attackers. they were surrounded by bombs. i saw this one clip with this young boy sitting on a bomb and the attacker's foot resting on the device which causes it to exploded (sorry i didnt noe wut that device was called). babies were crying and there was this man you got killed for trying to keep people calm. the heat was getting to the young children and infants, that they were dehydrated. they were in three for three days and were made to strip down to their underwear... family members outside screaming trying to get to their loved ones and help them. the leaders of that town feeling helpless.. than when heavy gunfire and explosions began on Friday morning, and it was many hours before special forces had control of the school...young children jumped out of windows trying to escape and the terrorist shoot at them as they ran for it...at the end more than one hundred people died and they were mostly children....mothers making choices between which child to save.. there was this one mother that ran out to and handed one of her children to a police officer and ran back into the building and when someone tried to stop her she said she couldnt live one night without her other to childern... she died holding her daughter and her only son escaped...and there was this women who had a baby and (about) seven year old daughter...one day the terrorist let some mothers and babies go.. she asked of she could bring her daughter too.. he said ok...but when she went back to the gymnasium to get her sis-in-law the terrorist said she had to leave with only her baby son or he would cut open both their stomachs....she had no choice and left with her baby....after the terrorist were captured the mother heard her daughter was taken to the hospital and when she arrived her daughter would calm her down by saying she wasnt in that much pain and she loved them (HER PARENTS) however thank god she survived but is having nightmares about those horrible three guys.....my question is where was god and it turns out that those terrorists were part of an Islamic terroristic group and were also involved in the bombing of the metro station in spain...dont get me wrong im not trying to question god (even though it sounds like it) and i noe god was there when that little girl survived...but what are we to think? how could something like this happen....how could terrorism exist in this level around the world... how much can we pray? i love god with all my heart but how could he let something happen...how could he let september 11 happen....i have heard so many people say that maybe god wanted it to happen to bring us together and for a while it did but no we're back where we started...i hate feeling this way but when i show those clips it brought chills through my body....i guess it just hard to realize that evil doesnt exist in this world and evil that would even kill infants to get what it wants....i just hope God could open my eyes to what he wants me to learn from these events....i do realize that we are blessed in america more than those around the world....thanks for listening...(reading)


this a website if u want to know more about this event!


  • thank you so much.... Hos Erof.... that website and sermon was amazing and it helped me a lot.... i apperciate it A Lot that you recommended it to me.....by the way was that a priest giving the sermon or a servant...i was just wondering....but thank you again...

    GOD BLESS :D :D ;)
  • It's a priest (Abouna Anthony Maseeh), and he has the coolest accent lol, u should listen to his other sermon: The five loaves and two fish as well, it's a masterpiece :)
  • he sounds as though he was born here...what church is he from....i think bishop david has the coolest accent...lol... ;D ;D
  • :) :)thanks HosErof..this was a really great sermon...it really touched me so so so so so so much :) :)
  • de rien ;D

    i have no clue where that priest is from, but he's coool 8)

    anybody else know?
  • oo u speak french cool
    Dieu benisse toi
  • i dont speak french lol, i can at the most order a pizza in frensh, but i do think i know what u wrote; god bless u rite ;)

    Dieu benisse toi aussi :)
  • hey.....that sermon touched me so much 2.....sylvia says im obessed with it....but it just relates to my life in so many levels.....lol... ;D ;D ;D ;D....if u noe wut i mean....but anywayz my dad said hes from east brunswick...he is the best.......lol.....thanks again.....dats a great website all 2gether by the way.... ;D ;D ;D ;D....
  • wow cool i thought so too
    i know him..i think he also goes to Archangel Michael in Howell, NJ
  • he sounds as though hes a realli kool priest....lolo ;D
  • Abouna Anthony is from St Mark church in DC, and i dont think he has any kind of accent he speaks perfect english ...
  • Dear Brothers and Sister in Christ,

    Perhaps events in the USA this week again raise this question?

    The answer is He is everywhere, as is His love. Why do bad things happen? Because there is evil in the world. Why is that? Because we wilfully stray from His ways like lost sheep. He does not allow evil, we do! He gives us free will. He gave us the witness of His only-begotten Son, and still we sin.

    It is only by pondering the results of evil and our selfishness, perhaps, that we can come to repentance and ask for His healing grace. Why do the innocent suffer? Who was more without sin than He who died upon the Cross and suffered so much for us? He knows our suffering and will heal our wounds - if we let Him. Meanwhile, thanks to our sinful ways, the Devil is able to go about seeking whom he might destroy.

    The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want - and may His mercy be with those who died, and with their families - and with the family of the man who did the shootings.

    In Christ,

  • Hos Erof, Can you please repost the link it doesn't seem to be working. Thanks in advance
  • [coptic]+ Pi`<rictoc aftonf>[/coptic]

    You can find the sermon here.
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