Technical Difficulties

edited December 2003 in Technical Topics is currently experiencing technical difficulties, we are hoping to resolve this issues as soon as possible. Your patience and support is greatly appreciated.


  • Streaming media are back online now for & If you still experience problems, please use the Feedback section. You should also notice a very significant speed-up of page load times at

    We're working on bringing back the downloads, unfortunately due to the popularity of the site and the amount of traffic it receives, it's becoming rather difficult to support downloads. We are currently examining several solutions and we'll keep you updated through the forums.
  • the movies stream are still not working ...
    when are they going to be solved too ?

  • Thanks for the note Eliah. Videos streaming has been fixed.
  • Hey Mike,
    Wanted to let you know that the Complete Psalmodia - Institute of Coptic Studies link isn't working. "Object Not Found".

  • The Psalmodia is back online for a few weeks now at:
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