using violence to stop violence.

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guys i was wondering, is it wrong to use violence to stop violence??
give 2 examples:

1. 2 blokes are fighting at skool rite, and u have to break the up, u know u cant just not do anything, so u go in there and push them both out of it, now ive been in this sitch before, and its not easy breakin up 2 guys that are goin full serious at each other, so it results in u basically hurting them both to make them stop. which is betta then leaving them as they cood do much more harm. now u cant not do anything, cause ur not keepin the peace ive heard a classic answer to this sitch, ur suppose to pray 4 them. wat do u guys think?

2. war!! to stop a country from blowin up another country, and kill other ppl, a third higher power county eg america come in and use violence to settle the outta control country down!!

now wat do u guys think about in both occasions?


  • 1. Let them finish their fighting, your not a peace-keeper and hence let me finish their confrontation..Unless its brutal, then you call the police, but never involve your self in barbaric situations..

    2. Two nations fighting..well i cant compare this to the current situation as its more complicated eg. politics, lies, deceits...But if a third party comes in i think tensions will still exist between the nations, for example Turkey and Greece hate eachother deeply however no military activity is happening. I think rather than stopping , we must look for a cure to voilence.

    Correct me if im wrong...
  • if ur at school, i would simply go get a teacher, he's responsible. You are not, and if u get into the fight u could hurt yourself, especially if ur short like me lol ;D.

    As for the nations; i dont think u can stop that; it's part of the signals of the end of the world as the Lord explained, and i guess all u can do is pray about that in particulair :-\
  • guys i was wondering, is it wrong to use violence to stop violence??

    If you use violence to stop violence how are you any different than them, what is that teaching them..that there is no other solution to stop a fight except by using violence?

    I personally, do not think there is ANY good reason to use violence in any situation, even if it is for a good intention.

    "overcome evil with good" Romans 12:21

    either ...
    dont interfere
    try to calm things down...using wise words...not by violence..
    remember He said "be wise as serpents and harmless as doves" Matthew 10:16
  • Dear Iqbal,
    thanks for convinced...but I was wondering if you could give me a verse or somewhere in the Bible...where it says thats its ok to use force if for a good would help clarify matters

  • Now the situation GJI brought up, in fact recquires an even greater act than self-defence, for you would be putting yourself at risk, in defence of two people who could possibly do some serious damage to each other if their fight escalated any further, without some sort of intervention.

    I really like this point the most :)

    thank you for the very detailed answer..i really appreciate it :o

    ..I wasnt really asking for a verse because I need proof from the Bible to understand that not everything is written from the Bible....but the thing is if someone-not christian- asks where or how do you get your ideas....its harder to answer them..where you got them from in the get my point?

    p.s. I think you would make an excellent lawyer..u r very convincing :o :-X
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