Music for Passion Week Presentation

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Hey.... in my Sunday School classes we are doing research about the Holy Week (u might have seen my other post about it)         We need Music to go with the will be a power point and it goes for the whole week.. so other than Golghotha.... i need lots of other ones.............. it can include words but to the it dosn't take the focus of the person watching away form the presentation and only concentrate on the music... i need something that BLENDS IN with the prresentation... 

Thanks You Very Much


Coptic Pharaoh


  • Hey,
    How about Pek Ethronos thats a good hymn or are you looking for a song.
  • Pekethronos is great suggestion, did you also think of possibly the long agios or the begining of Omonogenis or even Taishori
  • if u don't mind anything in english!!!

    the song is called Lord i lift ur name on high

    here are the lyrics.......

    Lord, I lift Your name on high
    Lord, I love to sing Your praises
    I'm so glad You're in my life
    I'm so glad You came to save us

    You came from heaven to earth
    To show the way
    From the earth to the cross
    My debt to pay
    From the cross to the grave
    From the grave to the sky
    Lord, I lift Your name on high

    I think the words will go great with an easter presentation!!!!
    if u like it don't look on youtube for the song itself i already did that and none of them were good!!! ok!!! hope i helped!!!!
  • if you want music specifically for holy week i have 'via dolorosa' english/spanish and i have an instrumental file for it as well. it runs for about 3.5 mins. if u would like anything else..i dont mind if u send me a personal msg with ur email and i'll upload them.
  • I love love love ari's soo's a link to it.. Songs/Arabic Songs/Pascha_Songs
    --and if you could find a soundtrack of the songs from the Passion of the Christ, there are amazing, although most of them are instrumental!!

    Coptic Servent
  • i listened to some of the Alhan suggestions..they are wonderfull Alhan but they will take the focus away from the presentation, and some arn't recorded that well... i think something sad and/or calm would be nice...  maybe music.. but with words is good too... like Golghotha bu el Shahid Abu Fam... (it is on this website) the recording is great and im using that one.. but i need others too....

    the idea of the Soundtrack of the Passion of the Christ seems grest..i'll try to look for it.. but can u guys help too?

    God Bless

    Coptic Pharaoh
  • If you don't want any words, then here's a great link to a whole bunch of midi files:

  • How about Golgotha instrumental but without words?
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