coptic in signatures

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Hi, i was wondering, if its possible to write ur signature (or a part of it) in coptic letters, that would be really nice, sanks in advance :)


  • yes u can......
  • really? how
  • Okay here is my conclusion… any language will work. However, it can’t be a font that you installed by dragging a ttf into your font folder; it has to be added under the regional settings in control panel. The problem is that Coptic isn’t listed under the possible languages there. (not to my knowledge anyway, maybe its listed under something besides Coptic) Greek is listed. If that’s good, then use Greek. I can’t read Coptic so I don’t know if Greek is a good replacement for Coptic.

    Also, for some weird reason, I couldn’t write the Greek straight out onto Tasbeha. I had to first write it on Microsoft word, then copy and paste it.

    Try that out and see what happens.
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